About This Blog

The inspiration for the name of this blog comes from several sources.

1) My first name starts with A and my last name ends with Z.  I’ve always been proud of this coincidence 🙂

2) Apples are my favorite fruit, and arguably my favorite food.

3) Zippers are a pretty awesome piece of technology

4) Apples and zippers are common symbols, i.e. “a is for apple, z is for zipper.”

5) “From A to Z” implies beginnings and endings, completion, a wide spectrum.

I intend to write on a variety of topics, that will include my personal life (with my exact location omitted or changed as necessary, to protect my anonymity), my perspective on society and culture, and my personal goals.  If you know me, this blog will be a good way to keep up with the highlights of my life, because I try to post about once a week. If you don’t know me, you might want to stick to posts in the “advice” category.


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