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Such Fun!

Just a quick one! Katrina and I had a great day 🙂 We started out at a favorite breakfast place, where Regan joined us. Then, we did some exploring in the historic part of downtown. There were so many fun shops to go in, and we only got rained on once (but we were prepared with umbrellas). We relaxed in the afternoon, then ate lasagne for dinner before driving to a local museum exhibit where we met Lindsay and Mike. The exhibit was so cool – to see anatomy up close! We met them for some fro-yo afterward, and it was a beautiful evening to sit outside.

Tomorrow we are planning to make pancakes and then go kayaking. So nice to have her here because we always have such a good time.


The Big 10!

It’s been such an interesting week – full of new things. One of these is the 10 miles I ran this morning! It was definitely not my most efficient run, but that is not surprising. I did go to bed in time, but woke up at 2am because the pain associated with poison ivy rash on my hands and drove to the 24-hour pharmacy to get some new meds. Turns out Benadryl is very helpful at making the rash bearable. I put the Caladryl lotion on it for the run, but when it washed off, I haven’t needed to reapply. Benadryl works to block the histamine production associated with the allergic reaction of the poison oil on my skin. The rash hasn’t cleared up yet, but it is a relief not to need the smelly ointment for now.

So, as a result of all that, I did not really get a good night’s sleep, but I still got out of bed at 5am and out the door by 5:30 to run as planned. It was mid 70s and wicked humid. I also seem to have minorly injured my right knee. It’s sore, but not as a result of anything specific I did – It just happened around mile 7, but I pushed through anyway. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite me, but I do have several days off of running coming up. Tomorrow I am planning to work on chest/triceps with Lara, and this weekend Katrina and I plan to go kayaking.

After running, I hung out with my neighbor’s kid at the pool – we played baseball with noodles and a beach ball, among other things. My leg did feel a bit better after that, but now it’s sore again.

I also hung out with the neighbors last night. I came over bring them some watermelon (buying one is always way too much for just me) and they invited me to stay for dinner (burgers/onions with fresh fruit and veggies). It was nice, because I didn’t have my own plan for dinner. I ended up also bringing over 2 pieces of lasagne and coming back to play monopoly. It was a fun evening!

I’m not sure exactly what’s happening tonight. I’m going to try to fit in a visit to the dog park around my other plans. Everything is largely weather-dependent. But I’m sure it will be fun either way 🙂

Like a Boss!

I am feeling really productive so far this week! Tuesday I had a really great yoga practice…feeling stronger and more flexible than ever, though certainly there is still much room for improvement! It was unfortunately too rainy for the dog park, so I had a nice relaxed evening, and went to bed early.

Wednesday started out bright and early as I had an 8am training at work. Of course, in typical work style, it ran later than planned, which crunched the rest of my day! I ran by the ReStore to drop off some furniture and dishes, by CVS to get some items for a care package, and then over to Marty’s to give her dog his allergy shot. After that, I ran home to grab a superfast late lunch, then headed straight to the dog park. I felt so guilty for Bonnie not getting to go due my crazy schedule and the weather, I went even though it was the middle of the day and no one else was there. From there, I dropped her off at Carlie’s and went to the core-n-more class at the gym (always kicks my butt), and back to Carlie’s to babysit. The kids were very good for me – cooperative and helpful. We ate dinner, played, put Ben to bed, cleaned up, and then Henry and I waited for his parents to get home (with their permission, because it was a little past his normal bed time). I didn’t do much when I got back home before bed, because…

I was up before the sunrise this morning! I actually got my butt in gear, and was out the door before 5:30, and running by 5:45. The weather was HOT but at least I beat sunrise by a few minutes and it remained overcast for 90% of the 9.5 mile run. Oh my – if you had told me last year, when I had never even run a 10k before, that I would be running these distances this summer, I would not have believed you. And I did this one in under 2 hours, picking up my per mile pace by 30 seconds compared to last week’s 9-miler!

Running has become so much more than a pastime for me. It’s my drive, my goal, and even my pleasure at times. It definitely helps that this summer I am breaking records every single week. What an ego boost! But it’s more than just that… I can see myself getting better and feeling better on each run. And I am still feeling so lucky that I haven’t injured myself. Every day is a gift, and today more than ever, I am feeling the benefits of my hard work.

Warped weekend

So, the weekend just flew by in a blur! Had a great time Friday with the big dog park group going out and about in town, and I ended up staying out later than expected. For a quiet little town, a surprising number of drunk people were present. It’s not really my scene, so finally Steve and I departed and went to grab a hot beverage.

Saturday morning I slept in because I had scheduled an evening-night double at work. The shifts went pretty well… I got to work with some of my favorite staff on evening, and got my hair braided by a patient. Then on night I had a nice conversation with the RN. The only problem was when the kids started waking up too early before the extra staff on day shift arrived. When trying to convince one patient to go back to sleep (or at least be quiet and stop running around), he spit at my and threw his shoe at my head. However, once the RN took him and some of the other kids out to the enclosed playground, another really adorable patient woke up, met me, called me beautiful, and had a dance party while waiting for his shower. It was adorable.

I slept most of Sunday, but woke up in time to catch a movie with Steve and James. ‘This is the End’ was actually much funnier than I expected, and we were all cracking up in the theater.

Monday I was pretty relaxed. I eventually made it to the gym and ran 4 miles. I made a quick trip to the grocery store. I wanted to go to the dog park, but it was storming on and off all day. Carlie came over for our usual hang out and helped me do a bit of organizing. I stayed up too late and have, as a result, slept in today. Gym (and hopefully dog park) later, and organizing in the mean time.