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Running my Sweet Sixteen the day before Halloween

So this marathon training is starting to get real. Up until my birthday and the half-marathon that I ran the day-of, I had really just been in my typical training mode.


But October has seen two long runs in excess of the half-marathon distance. The first was 14 miles with Kelly. My camera didn’t save our selfie, but I did capture the delicious donuts I bought for us. I ate one right before & after, because I have the running stomach of a champ!


The second was today, my first 16-miler. Sadly, I was solo. Happily, the weather was phenomenal and other than getting tired by the end, I had no pain or other mishaps. It was definitely more of a mental game than anything. Three hours is a long time to convince your body to do anything as taxing as running, even if said running is slow.


In other tangentially running-related news, I carved a pumpkin earlier this week. While mine wasn’t the most elaborate (congrats Cathy), it did have the desired effect: a bit of “pumpkinspiration” to get through the coming weeks!



Continuing to wind back the clock, last weekend I received a long-awaited visit from my BFF Jess! She came to cheer me on at a Halloween 10k, and was a real trooper as I dragged her out the door when it was still quite dark. Luckily she is a fellow runner, so she gets it!



And after the run, we embraced our inner children with a trip to the pumpkin patch, complete with hay-bale ride, corn maze, and jumping!




Needless to say, it was an amazing weekend. A real run-cation!

But not EVERYTHING in my life is about running. Just a few weeks ago, I celebrated my beautiful friend Regan’s upcoming wedding at her shower.



The theme was Disney Fairytale, and I won one of the games by tying with another bridesmaid for most number of correct Disney songs matched to their movie. It was a delicious, delightful day!

And it came right on the heels of another fun week-long even: visits from familia de el James (pardon my Spanglish). His mother came to stay with us for about a week, during which time we dined elegantly and visited some local attractions, including my beloved giraffes!




We also overlapped a weekend visit from his brother and sister-in-law. It was so nice to meet them, host them in our guest rooms, and even work out with them!




I’d say that about sums up my month. Oh yeah, and intermingled amongst all of that have been 2 tests, clinicals, a paper, and lots of other reading and assignments for my 15 credits of insanity. It’s nice to know I am capable of all this, but that doesn’t make it easy. I think I will probably look back on a lot of this as a blur, which is why I am trying to savor what I can.