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What a week!

I feel like starting with today first. It was epically productive, despite being dreadfully rainy. I went for an hour on the treadmill before class, barely made it on time, and wished Carrie happy birthday. Then on the way down to my health screening for my summer job, I got new keys made for the house, had a delicious lunch (Wild Salmon-wich), bought a swimsuit, and got an EZ-Pass! And then barely beat James home.

Tuesday, the girls and I brought breakfast for the nurses in honor of our last clinical day of the semester.
My contribution was fruit salad, but there were a whole host of delicious baked goods to accompany it. The last day was bittersweet. I learned a lot in this clinical and my confidence in my nursing skills improved immensely. But change is nice, and a short break is even nicer.

Monday I went in for class as usual, followed by clinical and some gym time. But having spent the morning getting stressed out about potential tenants, I made a snap decision to hire a property manager. She was kind enough to meet with me after my long day and get me set up with applications for the tenants I currently have.

Sunday was absolutely lovely! I started off the day with a 7-mile loop combining/connecting some shorter routes that I have run in the past.


Then I ran errands all over town, did productive things around the house, and did some studying before packing up for casa de James. Upon my arrival, he was most pleased to see me. I caught him in the middle of yard work, and eventually we ended up watching the new Game of Thrones. It was quite a beautiful day.

Finally, Saturday! Started out on a positive note waking up next to my love. Then he took the pups for the weekend while I showed the house. After that, I headed on a bike journey to get a birthday present for my awesome neighbor in honor of his laser tag party!


I’m so lucky his mom is cool and has fun parties for him that I am invited to!
Then for the rest of the day I did a little studying, went to the dog park, and called it an early night to inspire a productive Sunday.

And that’s the week in review! One more thing. Apparently it was the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls, so this Wednesday I wore pink!




Some days I feel like I should start a tally of all the random people who reach out to me and compliment me on weight loss. Today, for instance, it was a neighbor of mine who hadn’t seen me in months. And also a male college acquaintance who was NOT hitting on me, because he has a girlfriend. He just wanted to tell me how happy I looked and that he noticed how much progress I had made. Little boosts like that are just what I need sometimes 🙂

Update: 4/30, sassy older lady at the gym commenting on me while I was drying my hair in just my bra and underwear, “I wish I had a body like that, if I had body like that I’d parade it around, too!”

Springtime Happenings

Some years, it really doesn’t feel like spring has really arrived until Easter. This has been one of those years, and as much as I have enjoyed the cold running weather, the change is nice.

James and I celebrated with Emily and her family! Look how cute we all are 🙂



After lots of delicious food, we made our way back out to the country for some Game of Thrones on the big screen.

Monday morning kicked off with a run, after I got the car packed to head back with all the dogs to the city. I ran all kinds of errands because I had no lecture that morning. I did still have clinical, so I showed up at the hospital in my scrubs at noon. That evening I took advantage of the beautiful weather and ran again! A local running club has started doing a weekly 5k.


Tuesday was busy as always with long clinical hours, followed by yoga. I had a meeting with my group for my online class. We had a paper due Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I filled my day with class, house cleaning, house showing (to a potential tenant), and lots of paper writing. Oh, and of course a morning run. But it all went well in the end!


Thursday I had the most productive morning! Completed all my new hire paperwork for my summer externship, set up my fitbit, took the dogs for a walk, and settled some banking business all before my yoga class. Then I got a sports massage to help keep my running injury-free. When James got home, we went to the dog park.


Then Friday! Ahh, we slept in (sort of), I conquered 9 miles, came home… Then James and I took the dogs downtown, and headed to my Nursing Honors presentation. It went as well as expected, and then we celebrated with dinner at our favorite restaurant where we met Zach, Dan and Anna.

The weather outside was frightful, and the drive home after dinner was eventful. But we got home safely so I haven’t got any complaints. Now to balance the weekend with work, play, and workouts of course.

8 Days a Week

This week has been packed with adventure of the productive nature. I started out with James Monday morning, practiced some yoga after he left, and then went in to class. Met Lydia in the afternoon at my place for a birthday celebration of running! A local running club has started in my area on Monday evenings and I thought she would want to check it out with me. Here we are before the start!


We had a great run! Our pace right now is pretty compatible. The original plan was to get dinner right afterward, but she wanted to get ready first after the sweaty run (don’t blame here). So we headed back to my house and then parted ways after hanging out for a bit because I had clinical the next morning and thus couldn’t be out late.

Tuesday was bright and early, got up and made banana bread. Then had my full clinical day followed by 4 miles at the gym. Went back out to ye olde country estate that evening in lots of rain. Wednesday morning I traveled back into town for class and errands. Then the run of doom… 8 miles that turned into 7 because of knee pain. It wasn’t TOO bad, but because I so rarely have any pain, it was noticeable.

So I started the next day of clinical in some amount of pain while shadowing a nurse on the telemetry floor. I got to safely administer all sort of meds and work with different students doing patient care. My student partner gave me some ibuprofen which made my knee feel a little better. In the post-conference we discussed IV starts and central lines with lots of hands-on demos. It was a great day!

That evening James and I kicked back and watched Kill Bill Vol. 1. But unfortunately I still had to get up early Friday for a double shift at work. That went pretty smoothly, aside for the mild injuries and excessive snacks.

My Saturday morning run was slow but pain-free. Then James and I headed north for an epic road trip to get a great deal on a media tower. The trip was highlighted by epic gelato (a quest of my dear James that was definitely fruitful).


Tomorrow we will be joining my friend Emily and her family for an epic Easter dinner. I’m excited!

We Can Weekend!

James has been recovering so smoothly from his wisdom teeth removal! A little bit of special food and a few pain meds go a long way. Half the time I even forget he just had the procedure done based on his high level of functioning.

However, Friday morning he took it easy in bed while I went out for a gorgeous 8-mile run. I’m getting used to the warmer temps of Spring gradually. I still like to run only when it’s under 70 degrees. That run was hilly and fairly shady. Then I got some schoolwork done while James fixed things around the house (he does these projects totally on his own volition). We went to an afternoon showing of Captain America, which was awesome. Then we took the dogs for a walk downtown which culminated in a gathering of our dog park friends! They all stayed for dinner, but we had the dogs so we headed home after a quick visit.


That’s John and Kim getting some love from Bonnie while we all waited outside the restaurant.

Then a surprise twist! I thought I was in trouble at work for not picking up enough shifts, but I got called in to work the Friday overnight shift. So I guess that means I am back on good terms with them! Since it was a surprise shift, I took a power nap/cuddle with James before heading in. I also drank 2L of Diet Coke (probably more than I’ve had in a month!), so when I got off Saturday morning, I was barely even tired.

With my surprising surge of energy, I ran to the farmer’s market (5.5 miles total) where I met James with the dogs. We ran into Zach and Anna there, after missing them at dinner the previous night.


We spent the rest of the afternoon getting my place in order and packed to head out to his place. I was maybe a little tired in the afternoon/evening, but didn’t truly crash til about 9:30pm.

Sunday morning kicked off with a 6-mile run down a hilly country road. I had a little altercation with a dog, but luckily no bite. James mowed the lawn, then we spent the rest of the morning on the back porch, reading and studying. That’s where the morning shade is. This afternoon we’ll take the dogs on a walk, and later tonight we’re going to watch the new Game of Thrones.

I actually think I’ll be out here most of the week. Nothing major going on with school except lots of reading. And it’s so much nicer for the dogs out here with a yard.

Update: James just made surprise steak. It smells delicious!

Brimming with Good News

Sunday started out on quite a positive note. Ran a glorious 10 miles with Bob, ate a breakfast burrito at a favorite local coffee shop, studied the rest of the morning, then spent the afternoon hanging out with my sisters at the Phi Mu Alumnae group fundraiser.


Then I spent the rest of the evening on last-minute studying for Monday’s cardiac test. It went amazingly well, and I even got out of class in plenty of time to do a little grocery shopping and eat lunch at home before afternoon clinical. James arrived that afternoon with the rest of the mutts, and we celebrated my successful test!

Tuesday was, as always, an early day. Clinical was a really good experience, because I has a friendly and compliant patient who let me do my final graded physical assessment with her. I also received a phone call offering my a summer nursing externship, which I very happily accepted! I was basically on top of the world.

Wednesday morning I went for a successful 5-mile run…at an 8:54 pace! It was gloriously cool weather for short sleeves and victory!


Then class, paper writing, dog park, and a relaxed evening at home.

Thursday I biked over to give Marty’s dog his shot, then had yoga late morning. In between, I finished the bulk of my paper! Then James left work early for some dental work, and I drove him.

So far, I’ve had two promising responses on the rental of my condo. Need to put some serious work into cleaning this place up for showing/moving purposes.

Enjoying the Local Atmosphere

So, it’s been a really lovely couple of days. Kicked off Thursday with some studying, then yoga. In the afternoon, met Marty for a pedicure! My poor toes really needed it. Now they are blue 🙂 Then James and I took the mutts for a walk around the neighborhood before hunkering down for some good old fashioned House of Cards. I love the evenings when he doesn’t have to be up early for work the next day.

Friday morning started out relaxed, then I got a pragmatic itch, so I did my 6 mile run to the post office and back!


James was running other errands, but we both got back around the same time and decided to continue taking advantage of the beautiful day with a walk downtown.



Then, we parted ways because he hadn’t been back to check on his place in almost two weeks…and it was time. That’s when I got in another good chunk of studying. And for my reward, I joined a group of dog park friends for dinner and live music!


The singer was awesome! Here she is really getting into one song, about to stand on a table! But it was quite loud, so Zach, Anna, and I ducked out for a bit to talk and wound up at fro-yo. We came back for more music eventually, but ultimately I called it an early night.

Saturday morning dawned just as beautiful as ever! I did morning yoga at home, then got down to studying. But then I had this great idea to bike all around town to run a few errands, and I brought lunch and my notes with me! First the post office, again. Then Target and the bike store. And finally wound up in the town center by the fountain where I studied for a few hours.


And I also said hi to Amanda and Shwartzy because I can’t stop by there without a quick visit.


Finally, I ended the daylight with a trip to the dog park. Janice and George were there, so were Diane and Riley! So good to see them after months. Now, I’ve just finished dinner and am back to the books. Morning run with Bob tomorrow, then more dynamic studying throughout the day!>