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Fitting It All In

This very lovely weekend started out with a Hunger Games gathering on Friday, after which I intentionally stayed up late doing homework and such.

Saturday morning I saw Rebecca and Lara again at Haley’s birthday party! That little munchkin turned 1 year old, and I couldn’t be happier for Norman and Rebecca! She looked so cute eating her chocolate cupcake! Plus, they had some absolutely delicious apps, all from Trader Joes.


After the party, I headed home to get ready for work. My double shift this week was on Unit 8, which can be very challenging. However, I absolutely love working with the staff over there; they are such a tight-knit group of compassionate people. I also got a chance to work with the regular night shift staffer because they are running the unit with 3 people due to a particularly challenging patient. We had a great time chatting about movies and music, among other things. I actually stayed awake much easier than last week!

After only a brief 4-hour sleep, I awoke on Sunday to go for a run. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for a mini dinner party. James and I had our BFF Steve over because he was passing through town and we just had to hang out 🙂 I’m quite proud of what I made… Baked salmon marinated in fresh lemons, grilled garlic asparagus, caesar
salad and fresh-squeezed lemonade. When I was buying the ingredients on Saturday, the guy behind me in the checkout line actually asked me, “Are you some kind of dietician?” To which I responded no, but thanked him for the compliment. Here’s my table before dinner was served!


After a fun dinner with Steve, James and I enjoyed the rest of our time together. He was so sweet to come out and see me before I left for Thanksgiving break.

Monday was largely uneventful. Class, errands, yoga, dinner, hanging out with James. Rebecca was here briefly to watch the Doctor Who Special with me.

This morning so far I have already run 3 miles and am procrastinating packing. But I need to hit the road soon so I’d better leave this here. Next stop, Little’s house! Just over the mountains and through the woods.


Catching My Breath

It’s been an awesome week! It was just ever so nice to spend quality time with James. Monday evening, we were reunited for what had been our longest time apart to date…a whole week. He really made me feel appreciated and missed in my absence, which is always nice after time apart.

Tuesday I had a really excellent yoga session which ended with a minor back injury in my endeavor to do a full plow where my feet touched the ground (finally!). It’s feeling better each day, but it’s strange to have any pain at all associated with yoga.

Wednesday started out with a cold and crisp run straight out of James’s neighborhood for a round-trip distance of 6 miles…in just over an hour (10:16 pace)! I really like running in the cold, especially with my new cold-weather gear, and I am just jazzed about my progress. Class was dull, but we got out early and joined Leah for birthday lunch at Olive Garden.

Thursday I said my temporary (until Sunday) goodbye to James, and hauled my stuff and my dog home, with a pit-stop for some restorative yoga. Then I met Carrie and KJ for Panera and some totally-non-school-related hang out time. Much needed! I also got my car washed, went to the dog park, and got caught up with Carlie (and some housework) before early bedtime.

Fridays are rough with clinical, but this one ended on a good note! We cared for a patient in labor, but she didn’t deliver before we left for the day. I had JUST enough time for a (necessary) 5 mile run with Bonnie. And guess what…this time, I hit the bricks at 10:10…or 50:49 total! And that was despite temporary dog-related stops and the warmer weather (high 60s). After assembling my low-key Katniss costume, I met Lara and Rebecca at Bonefish! And then we went to see Catching Fire, which was excellent! It was such a fun evening spent with good friends 🙂


Busy weekend ahead! I’ll fill in details upon its conclusion.

Who’s in my life?

This probably won’t make much sense to people who don’t know me well. But I just wanted to start this to see how it will compare in the future.

People who are new… (2013)
– Carrie, Kris, Aubrey, Dee, Lindsay, and all the rest of my fellow nursing students
– Janet, neighbor extraordinaire
– James, boyfriend of almost 5 months, but friend for most of the year
– Lara, my wonderful trainer

People who are better friends this year than last year…
– Rebecca
– Emily
– Zach
– Steve
– Regan
– Katrina

People who are constants…
– Carlie, David, Cathy, and all of the dog park family
– Courtney aka LITTLE
– Lydia, Lydia, and Lydia. Love you all.
– Jess
– Chelsea

People I haven’t talked to as much this year, as compared to previous years…
– Stacy
– Jenna
– Teddy
– Kaitlyn
– Purcella
– Melissa & Evelyn
– Ali
…must be better about those!

And there are a whole host of people who fall somewhere in the middle.


Sometimes I am just sitting and trying to do work, and I find myself preoccupied with thoughts of him. Things started so differently with us that I had expected, and though we’ve had some bumps along the road, things just keep getting better and better.

I’m totally new to all of this. Haven’t sailed these seas before. I’ve really just started outfitting my boat. I don’t know where things are going, but I like where they are right now.

Rainbow Day!

Got up early to go for a run (5 miles, 51:30) and was rewarded with a beautiful rainbow! After that I took a test for Mother/Baby nursing and am now relaxing as I prepare for the rest of my day.

But first, let’s back up to Thursday. After a really great yoga class, I drove to visit Emily and eat at our favorite Thai restaurant. We also took a trip to the mall where she had some errands to run and I finally got sized for new Victoria’s Secret products. Yes, I am finally accepting that pretty lingerie is worth it. Plus, I’ve lost a cup and a band size in the past year, so that was exciting to discover. We parted ways after our short but sweet visit, and I enjoyed a quiet drive home.

Friday was my third clinical day, and this time I was assigned to a newborn. She was such a cute little baby, and it was so neat to see all of the things that go on right after a delivery. After clinical, Bonnie and I went on a 5-mile run (her longest so far) before it got dark. Then I spent the rest of the night doing homework and attempting to stay up late to prepare for work Saturday. I made matzo ball soup, pressed submit on my ODU paper, and was generally productive.

Saturday I slept in til 10, then went for a 3-mile run that ended at the grocery store where I walked the last mile back to my house. Kind of a fun mini-adventure. I had a nice relaxed day before heading in to work. Work was also good. I got moved off the unit I had signed up to work on, but enjoyed working with the other staff and kids just fine. I stuck around for night shift, and had the toughest time staying awake that I can remember. But I made it through and called to talk to Cathy and Brian to stay awake.

Sunday I slept and it was glorious. Got up in time to make it to the dog park. Met Janet’s new puppy Stormy, and took Bonnie also (she did great, apart from one tiny incident). And I hung out there for part of the evening for pizza and poker. Then I had to go back and study!

As I said, today has been beautiful so far. I’m gonna do some homework, head to the dog park, and then go out to spend the rest of the week with James.


This weekend started off with a whirlwind of surprises!  First surprise…got out of my class an hour early.  Always nice for Friday classes.  Second surprise, James came to visit me when my class should have ended…which was also literally as I was driving out of town.  It was so sweet of him, but unfortunately I was already on track to make a LATE dinner, and I couldn’t delay my departure much longer. 

I got down to see Jess around 8pm and she had made us delicious pulled bbq for dinner.  Then we rounded off the evening with a 2-mile walk for Georgia.  The next morning started bright and early with her early Georgia run.  By the time she got back from her 4+ miles, I was dressed and ready to join her for the next 8.  We ran all the way to the Chapel Hill campus and back to her apartment, and kept a pretty nice pace despite the hills that I am not at ALL used to.  To celebrate, we cleaned up and had a nice hot breakfast, complete with bacon.  Then, we decided to be responsible students and devote a few hours to homework.


But by mid-afternoon, we headed out for adventures part 2!  We started out running important errands, including a trip to Old Navy, where I traded in my sad, baggy size-16 jeans for some lovey new size-12s!  And these are even a bit roomy in the waist, but very well-fitted in the rest of my legs (so maybe I just needed a different “shape” of jean?).  They’ll probably work for at least the next few months, at any rate.  After the shopping, we dined at California Pizza Kitchen, where I got my favorite BBQ chicken pizza and ate it ALL because I earned PLENTY of calories from the run.  We ended the evening with a Starry Night painting at Wine & Design!  It was such a fun event and I found that I really liked the end-product that I created.


On Sunday, I went out for another run because I wanted the bonus miles (and calories to enjoy).  Then we spent the rest of the morning baking delicious sweet treats, some for her grad school friends and some for my neighbor who watched Bonnie for me while I was away.  And also some for us…especially the batter.  On my way out of town, we met up with Kehint and Mike at a favorite local restaurant of theirs.  They were coincidentally passing through town, so the timing was perfect.  I spent most of the rest of the day traveling, with a brief excursion to see the elusive Purcella in new Raleigh habitat.  I was only able to stay a few hours, but we got some great catching up and a bite to eat before I left.  When I finally got home, it was late and I was quite exhausted.  But at least I had Chelsea to keep me company for literally hours on the phone.  Thank goodness for car chargers and the GPS device that talks to me even when I’m on a voice call.

Monday went by in a rush!  I had class and immediately thereafter James arrived to spend the rest of the day with me (Veteran’s Day…he had off from work).  We ended up going to see Ender’s Game (which was horrible), but still having a great time.  Zach came over in the evening to play some Mario Kart on the Wii, and by the end was beating me in certain races.  I’m not great at video games, but I did have the home-field advantage at first with the game system that the boys aren’t used to using.

Tuesday was just blah because I was trying to write a paper, so not only did I not get that done, I didn’t get much of anything else done either.  Did have yoga though, which is always nice.  I was up early Wednesday to finish at least a first draft of my paper.  Then I went for a very COLD run that also happened to be my fastest 6 miles (1:02…or 10:20/mile).  I’ve run about half the miles this month as last month (so far) and my average pace has dropped from 11:32 (October) to 11:06!  Also on Wednesday, I ordered new (smaller) scrubs, took a trip to Target, gave a random lady a ride home (turned out just fine), went to the dog park, finished my care plan, and caught up with Lyds and Carlie.  I was gonna do some reading but that can wait til tomorrow.  I’m gonna go see miss Emily for a lunch excursion!  So exciting!

As Good As

You know that saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?”  On the internet, it is inevitably followed by a photo of some food-porn or written in the context of a person struggling with an eating disorder.  Occasionally, it is utilized by average, healthy individuals as motivation to strive toward long-term goals rather than giving in to short-term temptations.  Another apropos example would be “what you eat in private, you wear in public,” which points out that even if you are deceiving yourself or hiding your poor choices, you can’t hide it from the world.

Well, I’d like to take a spin on that first phrase because I finally get it.  And I don’t mean to say that get it in the context of an eating disorder.  I am not on a pathological mission to exterminate all of the fat in my body.  I also don’t just “get it” hypothetically, in the context of an inspirational Pinterest board.  I actually get it because I am starting to feel it.

They say it takes time to really notice the incremental changes you make, but eventually they add up enough to make a big difference.  I’m sitting here in front of my computer attempting to write a paper (you can see how well that’s going), and my keyboard and trackpad are resting in my lap.  As a result of this placement, I am aware of the feel of my midsection, which is considerably smaller than it was this time last year.  And what I feel is…lightness…a certain degree of firmness…a lack of puffed up heaviness that I could feel with each breath.  I honestly didn’t really notice the bad feeling back then, but when I think back and compare it to how I feel now, I can definitely notice the difference.

I like to think forward as much as backward.  This time last year, the accomplishments I have made would have seemed nearly implausible to me.  So, I have difficulty conceiving how different I will feel this time next year.  I plan for my fitness accomplishments in 2013 to match or exceed those in 2014.  Will the difference in how I feel from last year to this year match or exceed how I feel next year?  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned.