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The Things We Do For Love

Sunday was another beautiful day out here with James. We took the dogs for a walk. I spent some time studying while he played his game. And then we got an early night because Monday dawns a bright new work/school week.

I tried carpooling for the first time with a classmate who lives out here. The company/gas saving was nice, but the timing was unfortunate. I spent an additional 2 hours traveling that I would have avoided by driving myself… I don’t see doing it again often. It was also just a stressful day in general. When I got back here, the best thing I could do for myself was yoga, which I was just finishing when James got home. His comment, “You look so damn beautiful down there” more than made up from the distracting noises he made once got here.

The threat of snow forced us into a plan B where I left his place with all my stuff and the dogs on Tuesday morning at 5am to make it to clinical by 6:30. He was supposed to then show up at my place that afternoon, but problems with his house caused him to cancel the plan. Feeling sad at the thought of being snowed in without him, I did something totally crazy. After clinical, I packed up all my stuff again, loaded the dogs (with some difficulty), and drove in the snow out to see him. It was one of the most nerve-wracking drives of my life, and I know it was crazy, but it was worth it.

We watched part of the SOTU but I was falling asleep, so we finished it this morning. James has the best commentary during political speeches.

Now I am happily snowed in under about 4 inches for…at least today and part of tomorrow. There’s nowhere I’d rather be.


Cold, but Productive!

Starting with today, which I am kicking in the ass! Had a lovely 8 mile run this morning. I say lovely in that I accomplished it, but actually it was quite cold and windy, and going into mile 7, I couldn’t determine whether my quads were frozen or just sore! This is the only time I have wished for a second layer on bottom while wearing my fleece-lined pants.


But afterwards I drank a ton of chocolate milk, foam rolled, called James back, made my stuffed peppers for lunch, did lots of homework, and packed for the next 4 days out visiting James.

Friday was also pretty good. Spent the morning chilling with my love, then I had a really long eye doc appointment. I got lunch at Sticks then paid a visit to the Y for a 4-miler on treadmill. Following that, I made some calls to various insurances and did some reading. Then, I picked Zach up for a dog park gathering to go hear live music as a local sports bar. It was an acoustic duo and they were great!



Thursday was the first day I felt semi-normal. James had to go back into work. I cleaned the house a bit and was moderately productive. I even left the house for the first time in 2 days to talk the dogs on a snowy walk.


That evening, we joined Janet, Jess, and Nic after dinner for a very intense game of monopoly! It was fun, but had to end in a draw.



And that pretty much sums up my week! House is fixed but not put back together. My health has bounced back, hopefully for good. I am woefully behind in my reading, but what else is new!?

Edit: Spent the evening with James after a beautiful drive out to his place. Among other things, we watched Elysium and Cinderella Man, the former my suggestion, the latter his. I was very impressed by his ability to discern how much I would like CM, especially given how doubtful I was initially. But more than anything, I am overwhelmed by how blissfully happy and content I am right now. He makes me feel so loved, and I love him right back.

And Miles to go before I Recover

This has been the craziest week.

So, the Bridal Show with Regan was delightful! We saw all kinds of beautiful photographers and tried lots of free bakery/catering samples. I was feeling mostly fine then and ended up spending the evening hanging out across the street.

Monday was a holiday and also came with beautiful weather. I went for a short run in the morning. Then some people came to start repairing my leaky house. I made it just in time to the dog park, and James arrived in the evening.

Tuesday dawned early as James headed off to work and I left for clinical. I felt a little “off” all day, but I made it through. However, on the walk out of the building, I had to sit down on the floor and I threw up. Yuck. It happened again that evening. I felt so weak and awful.

Wednesday I could barely stand up/move. I had another of my blackout sessions, this time for about 20-30 sec (vs 10-15 the first time). No idea what that’s about. But I felt progressively better throughout the day and was able to keep all my food down despite feeling vaguely nauseous most of the day. James was great, helping me get things, running errands that included Tropical Smoothie, and generally being supportive. I was lucky to have him here when I felt so sickly and pathetic.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling mostly human! And eating pretty much normal food! This whole event has resulted in my dropping 5 pounds (bringing January’s total to 10 so far…yikes). The biggest downside is that I was supposed to be going out of town to visit Chelsea, and I am just not up to it. But the silver lining is that I have no other weekend plans as a result, so I can take it easy.

The house is about as torn apart as it will get, but the shattered pipe will be fixed today and the final repair work will commence shortly thereafter. This time, the pipes will not only be insulated, but they will be on the warm side of the batting insulation, so they should not freeze again. Thank goodness for insurance.

Black and White

Thursday and Friday of this week could not have been more different. Thursday I felt like absolute garbage, spent all day watching an ANTM rerun marathon, and hated life. I mean, I was just mentally in a bad place. I really debated calling out of work for Friday. But I pulled myself together, talked to James, Carlie, and Janet, ordered Chinese food, and got my head back on straight.

Friday morning dawned early for my double shift. I felt physically much better than Thursday, so I knew I could do it. I ended up having a really great day. Had great co-workers on shift, the patients did well, and I got to catch up with Cathy on my break. I felt really good about the day, and got a good night’s rest leading up to Saturday.

Saturday I felt fine so I set out for my planned 5 miles for the Meg’s Miles tribute project. It was an unexpectedly chilly run, and I even saw snow flurries throughout. It was a bit of a slow run, but I am still recovering from such a rocky week.

Then James came over late morning and we spent the day together, including a visit to the dog park and some progress on our journey through Breaking Bad.

Tomorrow I am going to a Bridal Show with my wonderful friend Regan and then back out to spend the evening with James. I’m loving this long weekend so far!

I am a (crazy) runner!

So today I did my first truly crazy running thing. But first, let me talk about my first two days of school.

Monday went pretty smoothly. I started the week out with a 4-mile run. Had a nice relaxed morning surrounding that. Our new nursing classroom instructor is funny but also full of great practical advice. We changed rooms but all sat in the same seats – go figure. We also have 4 new students this semester to fill out our class.

My clinical group met after class for our first pre-clinical and I really like them as well as our instructor. She is kind of my inspiration for life, and I want to be her when I grow up except she’s my age.

I celebrated my first night of no HW by hanging out with my neighbors. We played poker and then a few rousing rounds of President. It was fun! And then I watched The Bachelor because apparently I am still not able to tear myself away from that guilty pleasure.

And then I got a call from James informing me that I might get sick with whatever laid him out. But all I had when I woke up was a sore throat, so I went into clinical as usual. But I only made it a couple hours before I had a bizarre incident that sent me home. Standing in a patient room listening to instruction on the new IV pumps, my vision completely blacked out, my hearing began to fade, and I almost fell down. Sue and Elise helped me to a chair where I recovered my vision and broke out in sweats. I got a ride home and slept most of the rest of the day. And my neighbors rescued my car for me that evening.

But when I woke up THIS morning, I felt almost completely fine. And I had a 7-mile long run on my schedule. And earlier in the week it was my plan to get up super early and run before class. So…I took a risk and did it. Left the house just after 6:30am in the misty pre-dawn. My primary goal was an easy 5, with the promise to myself to turn back the moment I felt “off” at all. But the 5 went smoothly and as I circled back past my neighborhood, I decided to do the full 7 as originally scheduled. It was the longest I had taken Bonnie, and she did great. My only regret was feeding her too soon after we got home. I will probably cap her at 6 miles (or about 1 hour) and this was 7 miles in 1hr19min.


I am actually glad I ran today, despite the risk. I proved something to myself. I balanced the crazy with a little bit of sense and a lot of listening to my body. And by the end of the run, I felt invincible! It was a rush to foam roll, shower, and get out the door, but somehow I managed. And I got to enjoy the rest of my day with the week’s long run under my belt and a huge sense of accomplishment.

After class and lunch with Carrie, I drove to pick up my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS (’14 model to replace the ’13s I got last April). Later I ended up at the dog park because the foggy morning burned off into a beautiful day. Now I am working intermittently on homework.

Halfway Marker

Yesterday my classmates and I celebrated our transition to Second Level Nursing students (aka our final year) with a Striping Ceremony.


We had a lovely ceremony where we received our caps with stripes that represent the color of our school.


Afterward, we all gathered for a reception where our family and friends could mingle. I brought James 🙂



Prior to the main event, James and I had a delicious lunch at our favorite restaurant. And afterward, we went out with a small group to a local bar to kick back and continue celebrating. It was a busy day, but we had a great time!

And today, to enjoy the lovely weather, James and I took the dogs for a walk downtown. Then we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon before he headed home. He’ll be back later this week, and I’ll spend the weekend out with him.

I’m doing this quite out of order, but I’ll try to continue chronologically backward from here. Before James arrived on Saturday, I had a soggy 6.5 mile run. It was the unofficial start to my next half-marathon training.

Friday, I met Carrie at the gym in the morning. Then I had a relaxed afternoon taking down Christmas decorations (finally). I even ran a few errands before meeting up with a group of dog park friends at a local bar for an evening of good conversation. I heard some GREAT stories from Sarah and Daniel, and found out that Kim and I have more in common than I realized.

And that brings me back to where I last chronicled in a previous entry. Tomorrow I go back to school and return to the somewhat grueling pace of school, work, running, and life. Just one more year! I can do this!


From Feb 2014 Runner’s World, by Marc Parent

“The three big days in the life of a runner are these: First is the day you decide to run…. Second is the day you can finally call yourself a runner without feeling like a puffed-up faker. This can come after months or even years of racking up the miles. Finally, there is the day you say to yourself, I’m in. This is me. I’m always going to do this. I’m going to run until I can’t anymore. You run, you call yourself a runner, you hope to run forever. Do it, claim it, never stop.”

I am right on the precipice between stage 2 and 3. I think by the time I run my three halfs and one full marathon over the coming year, I’ll know for sure.