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What a Feeling

When you’ve been as epically stressed out as I have for the first 7 months of the year, the feeling of relaxation that comes with an actual, honest-to-goodness break is a little bit uncanny. Between my Spring semester of nursing school, my move in with James, my summer externship, and four online classes, I’m not sure exactly how I got through it all. Oh yeah, and add in my part time job, the 100+ miles I’ve run (every month after January), and a half dozen races, including two half-marathons. I guess I have at least been breathing between strides.

But this week has been heavenly. James and I bought a truck that will eventually replace his Mazda, which involved two trips (one to look, another to buy) to the next town over, and one failed attempt when we ran into a money transfer snafu. But we made the best of it with a day spent together.

In between times, I went into town on alternating days to run errands, visit with Audra, and meet Regan and/or Rachel at the gym. Our first body pump left my legs feeling like jello, and our second left them full of lead, but my fingers are crossed that a third class will finally feel “normal” to me, rather than “I can barely move” levels of sore. I think with any new lifting regimen (and I honestly haven’t lifted in 6+ months) it just takes time to adjust. But I will probably not continue lower body lifting in the fall given all the marathon training I need to accomplish. I actually need to buy some training guides soon so that I feel fully prepared.

What else? Picked more blueberries and traded some for delicious garden vegetables. Ran a decent amount, despite the soreness. How odd is it that I found walking to be a more challenging endeavor than running for an hour or more? Saturday, James and I did very little, but Sunday we had “together” time, sharing the cinematic story of his new game, taking the dogs kayaking, and later alternating between episodes of Parks & Rec and Scrubs.



Today I am back in town for more errands, blueberry picking, and then headed back home to cook and clean in preparation for Carlie & family’s arrival. They’re just staying one night to help bridge the gap before their new home (so much closer!) is ready.