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Enjoying this Weather

I just love it when little things work out, like the weather today.  Before meeting Meg and Katelyn for dinner at B-dubbs, I got to take Bonnie on a nice long walk.  Then, even though we couldn’t eat outside (because there were no tables available), we enjoyed a nice chat and some delicious frozen yogurt afterwords…in the beautiful, breezy evening. 

Then on the music-up, windows-down drive home, I contemplated running…because it was so nice.  But something told me that wouldn’t be the best plan.  And you know what?  Less than 30 minutes after I got home (so, I would have still been out running, had I decided to go), WE HAD A THUNDERSTORM. 

You know how getting caught in a thunderstorm could ruin your day/evening?  Well, NOT getting caught in a thunderstorm made my night 🙂 

Also, I’ve been busy, but with generally good stuff, and I’m having a house guest this weekend.  And then after that, I will be less busy, which is great!


I want these things right now

I want the plumbing in my kitchen to be back to normal, without having to jump through hoops.
I want to at least know WHEN the next iPhone will be released.
I want to know when Lady Gaga will be releasing a new album…  Feels like Born Yesterday was YEARS ago.
I want my laundry to do itself.
I want the lovely springtime weather to last a lot longer than it’s likely to do.
I want my long-distance friends to come back here, where they belong.
I want magical elves to walk my dog and clean my bathrooms when I’m not in the mood.  And always cook.
I want to be as productive at life as I am at wasting time on the internet.

It’s been approximately 3 weeks since this post.  Here’s what’s changed.
– Plumbing is back to normal!!  Now just need to fix the floor, but that’s not a rush.
– I still want to know!
– Maroon 5 is releasing a new album in June, and as they are my FAVORITE band, that completely satisfies my need for new music for the year.
– I need to do laundry again. I don’t think I’ve done it since this post.
– Springtime weather persists!  Fingers crossed!
– I’ve gotten to see and talk to a lot of long-distance friends, so I feel good there, too.
– I’m dealing with dog walking and cooking just fine; that was a bad night.
– I am still not productive, but nobody’s perfect!

First Four since the Fourth

Last July, two awesome friends joined me for a weekend of adventure in North Carolina, culminating in a 4-mile race on the Fourth of July.  Leading up to the race, we trained and had lots of good times together.  However, I hadn’t ever, before or since, taken on a run like that.  Well, today seemed like a good day to challenge myself, so I set out running in a new direction and managed to kill 4.03 miles in 52:00 minutes!  I’m no speedy gonzales, that much is certain, but I am quite proud that I kept a steady pace and didn’t stop to walk!  This marks my second ever run (the first was a 3-miler) where I managed to keep running the whole time without any walking breaks.  In this respect, I think I may have crossed a real threshold!  I think if I stick to this pattern of running, I might be able to add distance to my runs more easily now. 

I’m really starting to love running.  I’m not to the point where I need to do it every day, but I’ve just started a 10-miles-per-week goal.  I met it this first week, and I’m going to keep working towards it…hopefully surpassing it in the coming months.  My medium-term goal is to run a 10k before the year is out, probably this fall.  The really long-term goal is to run a half marathon, but I don’t even know when I’ll be ready for that!  Quite some time from now, I feel certain.

Spring Cleaning

In honor of a visit from my dearest college roomie, I’ve spent my week of spring break cleaning house!  Have to make sure everything is perfect for her visit.  I had to convert the spare room back to a guest room (it had become something of an attic following the vacation of my fall roommate), take down the last few Christmas decorations (don’t judge me), and clean/vacuum (which I only do for special occasions).  I’m not the best housekeeper in the world, but I do know how to put the pedal to the metal when necessary.

All was going according to plan (except the upstairs, which is less than satisfactory), and then the plumber arrived.  I’ve been noticing the effects of a leak in my kitchen, and while I ignored them for awhile, the wetness that had gone under the island to carpet in the dining room was TOO MUCH to ignore.  So I FINALLY got a plumber to come take a look, and he found two unrelated bad things.  First, there was a constant drip leak at the dishwasher connector.  He couldn’t fix it and had to turn the water off in the mean time.  But the water damage is bad enough that I need to have my insurance company look over it for a potential claim.  Also, the disposal and drain on the opposite sink both need to be replaced.  It’s bad enough that if I run the water on high while doing dishes in the sink (because the dishwasher is out of commission), it overflows and leaks into the cabinet under the sink.  Ugh.

I can’t deal with this all right now, so the kitchen is basically a DO NOT ENTER zone until I can get it looked at and fixed.  Oh the joys of owning a home.