About Me

I am a 20-something living life by my own rules.  I have a college degree, a job of sorts, and a lot of really great friends.  I go places, I do things, and then I write about them.

My life is constantly changing.  When I wrote this last fall, I was still pursuing a career in the National Park Service, but a series of familial events and volunteer opportunities opened my eyes to other options.  I am now going back to school to pursue a career in healthcare, most likely nursing.

I started public blogging in August 2010, in a blog about my AmeriCorps NCCC experience.  When I had to leave my position as a Team Leader abruptly in October 2010, it no longer made sense to continue that blog.  It remains as a resource to all those seeking to learn about NCCC, while this blog continues on as a documentation of my “Life After AmeriCorps.”  I continue to be influenced by my time in NCCC and the friends I made there, and so I reference it often.  Also, all posts from January 2011-August 2011 were originally posted on that blog before I moved them here.

If you already know me, you’re probably not reading this.  But whether you know me personally or not, you should always feel free to comment on the posts and pages in this blog.


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