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9 miles and counting!

I almost can’t believe it, but the GPS in my phone does not lie…I cranked out 9 miles this morning! And I squeaked in under 13min/mile, which is awesome considering there were 3 water breaks included in that pace.

Of course, even though I was out of bed by 5am, I didn’t get to my start (I biked the 1 mile there because I don’t like running that stretch…especially coming back at the end of the run when it’s both hot and sunny) until 6:15, and my official RunKeeper start time is 6:22. But I finished that damn run in under 2 hours, and I am so proud of that! My strategy was to do the loop x 4, but I cut the 0.3 corner two times. Next long run, I plan to do the loop x 4 and cut no corners, which should hit me between 9-10 miles. I wonder if I am ever going to get bored of the loop? It has become such a comfort zone this summer, and I like all the shade and the lack of road crossings. But I feel like I should branch out a bit. Maybe one of my 10 mile runs?

My favorite part of the run was this one lady I saw 3 times on the loop (we were going in opposite directions). Every time she saw me, she told me I was really workin it, and it always made me smile 🙂

Yesterday I took it easy. Trained at 11am (shoulders/chest/triceps), had lunch, hung out with Lydia (she kept me company while I worked on cleaning out my closet), and then went to the dog park and Trader Joe’s. I tried to go to bed early, but I must have tossed and turned for at least an hour. Still, I got up and did what I had to!

Today Carrie and the kids are coming over to play games, followed by dog park, and then the gang is getting together to wish Steve well before his big move north. So sad to see him go, but hopefully he will come back and visit often basically all the time 🙂


Progress in Different ways

Yesterday I was very busy accomplishing a whole bunch of random things! I found some more things to help complete the bathroom – I’d say it’s at 85% since Lydia and I installed 1 towel bar. I went to Home Depot, Lowes, the outlets, GameStop, and the grocery store. I also did a yoga-fusion training session at my trainer’s house. It was something new and different for me, and while I liked it, I think I prefer regular yoga or strength training separately. One crazy thing though… I successfully did Dancer’s Pose at that session, which was something I could not do as a yoga student 3 years ago.

I ended the day with dinner at Plaza with Lydia! From there we went to the dog park…then got ice cream…then watched Wreck-It Ralph (new to her)…THEN we worked on hanging towel bars and finally I showed her the infamous birthday photos. It was such a fun evening with a friend I’ll miss greatly when she leaves for grad school later this summer.

Today I slept in a bit, but made it to the gym for a late morning workout. I was feeling strong, so I ran the 6 miles I planned at a much faster pace than usual. I surprised myself! It’s definitely easier for me to accomplish a faster pace when it is on a controlled setting like the treadmill. I wonder when that will translate into faster outdoor runs? Here’s hoping soon…

The rest of the day I have spent cooking and cleaning, which is more necessary considering Carlie and family will be at my house later today to swim! I made stuffed peppers, bean salad, cleaned the kitchen, and did a load of laundry. Now I am headed to work on the upstairs somewhat…

And, here’s another interesting fact… As of today’s run, I have conquered 48 miles in June. So my crazy self wants to keep breaking records and do my 9mile run on Friday. I hope to break 60 miles this month and that early 9 is kind of just like catching up for the week I missed. Is it crazy to do 3.5, 8, 6, then 9 miles, with 1 cross training days in between each? Is it too much? I feel so strong right now, though! I want to keep pushing forward!

Either way, I’ll break 50 miles this month and probably 75 next month. I’m pretty proud of myself so far 🙂

Back on Track

The week has been both uneventful and frustrating. The work on the bathroom really messed up my schedule, but I am ultimately satisfied with the end result. I still have more work to do, like installing the towel racks, some touch-up painting, and some furnishings.

Tuesday I got my first ever sports massage, which was relatively painful, but relaxing at the end. Wednesday I did yoga with my trainer, but it was an easy session because I was still sore and sick.

Thursday I hung out with Carlie and David and we ate dinner and then went to the dog park.

Friday I had a fun day! Carrie brought over her kids and Janet brought over Nick and we had a pool party. I got a pretty intense sunburn, but at least it wasn’t painful. Afterwards Nick stayed and we watched Rise of the Guardians.

Saturday I had work, but before that I went with Nick and Janet to see MU! It was such a cute story. Oh, and before that, I did actually go for a short run, for the first time in over a week. I was lucky that I didn’t have to stay for night shift, so I was able to get up at a decent hour on Sunday. Cathy and Brian came over and we painted the bathroom. Then we went out for a nice dinner. It was a lot of fun!

Today (Monday) I finally got back to my long running! 8 miles! It went okay considering all my time off. I then ran some errands around town, looking for things to complete the bathroom and also the grocery store. And then Kristi and Natali came over and we also went for the pool! It has been an excellent summer for swimming so far 🙂

Life is Unfair

I’ve been sick since Saturday night/Sunday morning. Sniffly, tired, slight fever at times… I keep planning to run 8 miles, but I just haven’t felt up to it at all! The worst part is that we have been having some prime running weather, and I just feel crippled by my condition.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? Maybe I secretly needed these days off? I just hope I get better soon so that I don’t get further behind in my training schedule. Until then…massage today, yoga tomorrow, work this weekend. That’s the plan, and we will see how it goes.

High Fives?

So apparently I can’t manage to write daily. I seem to only think of it every five days or so, but I am trying to cover the gaps.

So on Tuesday I did manage to fit in my long run, despite the weather. I got a slightly later start than planned, but it did not end up actually raining on me, despite the extreme humidity and threatening clouds. I biked to the loop and did it three times, with the middle lap reversed. I do find that opposite direction MUCH more difficult, so I am trying to justify doing it. It’s a trade-off between the discomfort of the long uphill vs the boredom of running the same way multiple times.

I spent the rest of Tuesday running errands for myself, for friends, and strength training at the gym. I wound up the day with the dog park and the pool, so I was definitely keeping busy.

On Wednesday, I agreed to babysit for my friend’s 5-month-old for the duration of the work day, which wound up being an even more trying experience than I expected. However, it ended on a high note, because I had a whole gaggle of friends and their kids over for an impromptu pizza and pool party. My neighbors even joined us at the pool! It was great, but I ended that day quite tired.

Thursday morning, I did yoga at my trainer’s house, and that was pretty much all I accomplished before going in for an evening shift at work. I got to work with my favorite people, so that went as well as can be expected. We had a crazy storm and lost power, so I ended up driving around town after my shift…just because. By the time I woke up, though, power was back at my house.

On Friday, I tried to start my day off right by going to the gym, but they were still power-less, so I ended up extending my bike ride to the grocery store, and then doing some Wii dancing when I got home. Then I went to the dog park mid afternoon and returned to pack my bag for the pre-race overnight at Regan’s.

This brings us to today, Saturday. We arose bright and early to get another sorority alum and travel down to the 8k on the waterfront. Everything about the travel and registration went smoothly, which has not always been my luck at races and was a welcome change 🙂 The weather was cool, but definitely warmed up by the time we finished – 1:01, by the way. We met some other alumnae there, and enjoyed our surprise finisher medals immensely! After the race, we tried a delicious new breakfast place, and I stayed to hang out at Regan’s for a bit before heading home.

Since then, I have done a few slightly productive things, but not as much as I planned. I am headed to the dog park soon, then back to eat a late dinner. Tomorrow morning I plan to run… Not sure how far or fast, but the weather looks like it will be too beautiful to pass up!

Time Flies

On Thursday I had a pretty typical double-shift, working evening and then overnight. As an added bonus, I got to work with my friend Cathy for the night shift, which was highly entertaining for both of us. I wound up more exhausted than expected, and so slept more of Friday than I intended. All I really had time to do was feed myself and make a trip to the gym. Those 4 miles on the treadmill were at peril to my own life, because it was torrentially downpouring, and my neighborhood was almost too flooded to drive. But I made it there and back safely, and had a nice long chat with my friend Purcella while attempting to cook Orange Chicken.

Saturday was the absolute worst day of work of all time. I can’t go into details, but suffice it to say I do NOT plan to work a day-evening double again for a LONG time. Especially not on that unit.

Sunday was much better 🙂 I slept in, went to a water park with my neighbors, went to the dog park, and then a late night showing of Now You See Me. Fun, social day!

Today has been much more relaxed… Indian buffet with Emily, trip to the library, home all afternoon due to more rain. We were so lucky to have good weather Sunday, but this rain has got to stop or else I will never get outside to run again!

My plan is to get an early start tomorrow and do 7 miles again. But we will have to see based on weather…

The Dream is Still Alive

Yesterday I officially ran 7 miles! It went about as well as I could have expected, especially given that the weather was perfect. I squeaked in just under 1hr30 and 13:00/mile. I’m hoping to push that pace up to 12:00/mile by my first half.

Post run, I enjoyed a small “second breakfast,” registered for an 8k later this month, and took a quick dip in the pool. Then I went out and bought the last of my materials for my bathroom remodel, which is a huge relief, because it’s been going on for months!

In the afternoon, Rebecca came over to watch HIMYM and eat dinner (stuffed peppers). We took a break to go to the dog park because it was still so beautiful outside, but it was too cool for a swim by the time we got back. And to round off my lovely day, I had an hour long chat with Roomie.