Archive | September 22, 2014

Today was Cool!

First, apparently today was the day the first episode of Full House aired, which officially makes me old.


I love this day on TimeHop, because it represents such different phases of my life. Here, I was enjoying sorority recruitment with my Phi Mu sisters:


The following year, I was gathering data for my senior thesis project in geology.


After I graduated, I joined AmeriCorps NCCC and the Green Unit!


In the subsequent years, I had more time to reflect on life and connect with news & politics as I was getting started with my new career.


And finally, last year, my relationship with James was just beginning and this was one of our first outings, our first photo as a couple, and definitely my first big social media update proclaiming that he was my boyfriend.



Today has been rather grumpy…it’s a Monday and I didn’t get a run in before class (where I had a math test). Hoping to turn the day around and decrease my stress level. But yesterday was lovely! Did my 12 mile run, got some studying done, Regan and Matt came out to visit and we had Mexican for dinner. James and I took his new motorcycle and also stopped for handmade ice cream on the drive home. Here’s us in the afternoon and also on the bike in the evening.


It’s kind of grainy due to poor lighting but it’s the best I could get.