Human Connections

My work experience this week encompassed the recovery phase of “ambulatory surgery” which means that my patients had procedures deemed “minor” enough to go home from the hospital that very same day. The role of the nurse in so-called “Phase 2” recovery is to assess the patient for discharge readiness, perform necessary interventions to make them comfortable and stabilize their vitals, and provide education regarding home care. I am discovering that there’s a lot of “routine” in all of these perioperative roles, but there is also the very real possibility of things going wrong, so RNs have to be prepared for anything. I helped by doing rounds to address patient needs, taking out IV’s, and pitching in on room turnover while just observing the discharge education.

What happened other than work? Well, a fair amount of homework. Lots of early morning workouts. Introduction to a new phone game – Piano Tiles – and some epic high scores. And watching Saving Mr. Banks and the first episodes of Parks & Rec with James.

Friday after work, my life exploded with awesome! Gabby came down for a spontaneous visit. And we met up with Evelyn for a Thai food/homemade ice cream adventure.


Then we went back to the house, took an evening stroll down to the dock, and hung out swapping stories and internet memes.



Finally my tired self had to call it a night, only to get up Saturday morning, run 6 miles, and cook bacon & eggs for breakfast, all before 8am. Gabby and I then headed to our next adventure: blueberry picking!

We met Audra and found great blueberry success for about an hour and a half before they got too hot and my bucket got too heavy. I am rarely too hot these days, which makes this summer one of the most enjoyable of my life for outdoor activities.


After that, Gabby and Audra required deliciousness, so we got lunch downtown before meeting Regan for a quick bridesmaids dress appointment. I’m not sure if I am supposed to post it here, so I won’t, but I ordered my size and will hopefully need few alterations. Then, back home so Gabby could get her car head back to her abode – a couple hours north of here.

But the adventure continued for James & me! Our dear friend Anna had a party in honor of her first home purchase, and we decided to help her celebrate! Some of our other friends were there, and we also made new friends!




Anna is a woman of all trades, including physics, pole dancing, and world traveling. So this party included some fascinating discussions with her work friends, hammock time, pole lessons/demonstrations, and delicious imported Russian vodka from her boyfriend. Never have I ever tasted vodka so smooth. And James got such a kick out of seeing me get tipsy (and eventually drunk) that he (and everyone else there) kept encouraging more shots. Who was I to say no? But being the responsible boyfriend that he is, he brought me home safely before things got too crazy, and received my appreciation and affection.


Today so far, we have watched Her (really great & thought provoking), I have cooked, and am now taking a pre-lunch stroll through the neighborhood. Next up: homework, a quick few errands, probably yoga, and then more homework.


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