Weekly Update: Anniversary Edition


So this 4-day work week was pretty good. I started more IVs successfully. I assisted with nerve blocks when I was in preop holding. I had positive interactions with my coworkers. A few of the days dragged on, mostly because I was so excited about the holiday weekend!

In addition to work, I also had time to do a fun 5k with my friend Audra (on Monday) and a yoga session with Lara (on Wednesday).


But the real excitement was the holiday weekend! The 4th started out pretty chill, and then James and I had a fight over the grooming/shaving of our dogs. It was not pretty (nor was Bonnie’s cut), but as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well. And we made up and moved on before heading into town for fireworks with friends.




It was a great show, preceded by a nice patriotic concert. And after the last boom, we were traffic ninjas and got out of the chaos in only about 15-20 mins. To make it home around 11pm.

Then Saturday dawned sunny, cool (for summer at least), and gorgeous. I ran 8 miles and walked the 9th home as I was composing my anniversary card for James. While
I ran, James took the kayak out with Rudolph, and when he got back I gave him his gift: a hammock for two to fit on the hammock spot we discovered last month in our yard.

After I whipped up a Mexican-style brunch, we headed out to take the dogs on a 4ish mile hike, highlighted by a little extra excitement. Then we had a few hours to chill and get ready for our dinner.




It was absolutely delicious, and so fun to be sharing that time together all fancy. When he saw me in my dress, his words were “be still my heart.” We shared the bang bang shrimp, each got a delicious fish entree, and shared a s’mores flatbread for dessert (on the house, because we told them it was our anniversary).

Then we came home to cuddle in the hammock under the stars and celebrate a fabulous year together.

It’s so hard to wrap my head around all that has changed over the past year, but having James as a constant has made all the difference. He’s the best thing that has happened to me all year.


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