This week I hit a turning point in the exhaustion and overwhelming departments and have finally started to return to normalcy.  Sunday was nice and relaxed, didn’t do too much beyond a run and a Netflix marathon to finish the second season of House of Cards. 

Monday was my first day in PAT, where I worked with the nurses and techs to get people checked in before surgery.  Usually these appointments are 1-2 weeks out from scheduled surgery, but occasionally they are sooner, sometimes the day before if the surgery is an “add-on” to the schedule.  This involves a series of questions about health history and testing such as blood work or an EKG.  If something is amiss with their history or results, a patient may not be cleared for surgery for their safety.  By the end of Tuesday, I developed a certain proficiency at drawing blood and had a pretty good handle on hooking up the EKG. 

Wednesday started my time in the PreOp department.  These ladies start early, a few getting in at 4:30 to set up, but the rest (including me) starting at 5:30.  And the mornings start off with a bang, because patients start showing up 2 hours before surgery, and surgeries are scheduled as early as 7am.  There’s a big push at first, but it doesn’t really slow down until lunch time.  They get the patients dressed and prepped for surgery, ask all the most pertinent questions again, and insert IV access catheters.  That’s what I was most interested in learning, and by Friday, I had started 20 IVs and only missed 5 that I attempted.  My time in PreOp so far has been fast-paced, and I’ve really developed my confidence in working with patients.  Monday I am going to focus more on patient assessments and charting, but also continue to start IVs.

Other than work, I’ve had a chance to get caught up on classwork, gotten some good runs in, and really enjoyed the gorgeous weather – unseasonably cool, just a little bit of rain.  I’ve been getting used to getting up early, and James and I are thinking of making 4am our new normal, during which time I will probably go for runs while he cooks himself a nice breakfast before we both head into work.

This week should be nice.  More of PreOp at work and ending my week with PreOp Holding.  Next Monday is our anniversary.  And this week he has a 4-day weekend, so we are making plans to go spend 4th of July with friends and do something special to celebrate us 🙂


Also, with the rest of our day we took the dogs to Haven Beach. It was beautiful!




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