Chronically UnderRested

I don’t think that under-rested is technically a word, but it’s the best way to describe my present state of being. It’s not so much that I feel over-worked, though that is a contributing factor. It’s just that night after night, for the past several weeks, I have not been getting enough sleep, and it’s finally catching up with me. I have been upping my dose of caffeine to 2-3 diet sodas a day just to stay conscious, where before I only drank it a few times a week.

Last Sunday I crunched in all my homework somehow, and this Sunday I will have to do the same. But first I am walking down to the water as I type and enjoying the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. No energy for a run right now, but probably will do yoga later today.

Monday started week 2 in the OR. I had my blonde moment of the year as I managed to mess up 3 bags of NS while attempting to mix meds. Shame internalized; lesson learned. Then I had another traumatic experience as I attempted to cath a man with a history of bladder issues. After several attempts, we ended up having to call in a urologist to place the foley. The lesson learned there is: stop when you feel resistance. My preceptor assured me that I did the right thing by stopping, and now I know what it feels like in the future. I was successful on our next patient that morning.

James and I had our second biggest fight that evening, but on the other side of it, I think we are better than ever. I don’t really want to go into the details, but it was an event significant enough to warrant notation.

Tuesday and Wednesday passed in much the same fashion, except with different surgeries. I sat in on some gyn procedures, joint replacements, and more bariactric surgeries. I also joined a local wellness center with two convenient locations: one by the house, and the other close to work. So next week when I am up at 4 and off at 2, I will be heading there on the way home; in July when I am 8-4:30, I will head to the location by work before my shift begins in order to get it done and arrive home about when James does. I haven’t really checked it out fully yet, but I have definitely taken full advantage of the treadmills.

Thursday was another busy day in the OR, the highlight of which was when one of the docs gave me some surgical cement after he was done with that part of the procedure (a reverse shoulder) and instructed me to craft it and see how it reacted. I made a little hamburger-helper-style hand, and watched as it became less and less pliable the more I manipulated it, and eventually got quite hot as it set and hardened. I was quite amused. Friday tends to be a slow day in this OR, so I actually got home a little early and

Friday marked my last OR day, unless I happen to go back for one of my “choice” days at the end of the externship. I delivered written thank you notes to my two main preceptors, LSM and DB2, as well as verbal thanks to the other OR staff for their time working with me. Friday tends to be a slow day for this OR, so I actually got out a bit early. Headed home and got in a hot 6-mile run, though it was only in the low 80s as compared to the high 90s we had earlier in the week.

Then James and I met the nearly insufferable man who sold us a kayak. Now, he was a nice guy who gave us a good deal, but he made us sit there for nearly two hours as he explained literally everything about this kayak, and would not stop talking about how expensive everything was, and how he custom-installed so many additional features. And then he had the nerve to up-sell us the battery for the fish-finder. All of this while we were starving, dehydrating, roasting in the sun. As we were headed back to our cars, James looks at me and says, “I have never loved you more than I do right now.” When we got home we had to decompress, but ended up having a very nice evening.

And then Saturday happened. Worked a double at my PRN job. It actually went by smoothly and relatively quickly. Got to take the kids outside several times, as well as a few of them to the pool for their scheduled rec. In down time/on breaks I visited Cathy on her unit and chatted with my coworkers. Everyone there is always so curious about my weight-loss strategies because I was so much bigger when I started there almost 2 years ago.

But I cut my shift a little short after I called to check in with James and learned that his first trip out in the new kayak yielded a full-body sunburn, bad enough that I would call it sun poisoning in some places. So I left about to take care of him and to pick up some meds/supplies before grocery stores closed at 11. The ironic thing is that I was only outside for about 2 hours throughout the day and applied sunscreen twice, while he spent almost 5 hours shirtless on the water and sunscreen didn’t even crossed his mind. Lesson learned. And no, I did not rub that in his face. I just cuddled him and rubbed aloe all over his poor lobster skin.

So today, homework first. Then rewarding myself with some sort of workout and a relaxing evening.
Probably early to bed because last night was not very restful and I deserve some beauty sleep.


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