All Done!

So things with the condo this week dragged on longer than expected. Monday I got help from Jess moving furniture outside for donation pick-up Tuesday. It was also my first day in the OR shadowing Lori. I saw a spinal fusion!

Tuesday I spent HOURS there packing up and organizing so much more junk than I thought possible. That day Lori and I worked with in a room with bariactric surgeries.

Wednesday I grabbed about 90% of what was left and stuffed it unceremoniously into my car. I was so frustrated not to be done, but it refused to all physically fit into Fifi. That day in the OR I worked with Dana in cytoscopy.

Thursday nearly killed me when I realized I had training in the evening at my PRN job. Luckily the OR was very slow and I got to leave early. Thus, I had time to run my errands and get a quick run in before going to that evening training. I even got Chinese food #treatyoself And I got literally everything moved!

Another highlight of the day was someone at work who hadn’t seen me in awhile coming up to ask me if I was doing CrossFit to get in the shape I am in. I politely answered no, and told her my boring tale of #caloriecounting

Friday was pretty chill in the OR – saw a knee replacement and a few other surgeries. Got out on time, but still managed to fit in an afternoon run in the muggy outdoors. It felt great despite the humidity. James and I finally had a chill evening together for the first time all week.

Then Saturday was a glorious day for a race with Rachel!


After we got home, I had a “me day” at my favorite lunch place and a trip to the mall. Lunch was beautiful and everything was on sale!



And then we went to a party!





All in all, it was a busy but fabulous week! Today has been really chill…morning run, catching up on homework, and getting a bit more organized in my new home.


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