Every day this week, I have driven at least two hours, attended orientation at my summer internship, and somehow managed to squeeze in homework, running, and yard sale prep.

Monday was day 1 of orientation, where they taught us what a socially responsible and innovative organization we are joining (no sarcasm whatsoever – I am super impressed!) and fed us amazing food at the Hilton. I also snuck in a post-work run, because the weather was beautiful!

Tuesday was much the same, except I headed to the condo and thereabouts to run errands and get a sports massage after work. Late night!

Wednesday, I was inspired to get up pre-dawn and go for a 3-mile run…and only then did I remember that it was National Running Day, as well as my runniversary! This day last year, I pushed my limits to run 7 miles for the first time, one of my first big running milestones, and the moment when I truly became a “serious runner.” Then we had clinical orientation and another delicious lunch. When I got done, I headed down to visit le Muse family and meet the newest member!

Thursday started out rainy so I skipped my morning run. Orientation at the hospital, more clinical aspects, and I met my supervisor and got my schedule for the next 8 weeks! I start my rotation in the OR, but I’ll see all phases of surgical services before the summer is through. I got home in a timely manner and accomplished lots of cooking, HW, and even an evening 4-mile run.

Friday I slept in a little bit (by that I mean 6:45) because James crashed at the condo overnight (due to his evening class and feeling sickly). Then orientation was only a half day, and I took full advantage of that to get some yard sale prep accomplished! I still ended up not getting to bed til 11pm and up at 5:45 next morning.

Saturday was a blur! I put the yard sale signs out around 6:15 and on my walk back, there were already 2 cars following me looking for the sale! It officially started at 7 and was pretty steady until about 11:45 (ended at 1pm). At the end, I sold most of my furniture, all of the tools, plates, office supplies, and overall about 70% of what I had out! I made about twice as much cash as I expected! The rest I donated to the library, ReStore, and Goodwill. I also dropped off my secretary hutch at consignment.

And when all that was done, I had a couple hours to kick back, visit the pool with Janet & co, and meet Melissa for dinner at Bonefish!

This morning the world treated me to a perfect last neighborhood run in the mid 60s and shady (bc I started before 6:30). Now I am going to do a little bit more packing and organizing before meeting for a bridesmaids brunch and heading back to my love and my new country home.


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