Holiday in my New Home

So we got a lot done this holiday weekend! Aubrey and Kevin both had Sunday off, and volunteered to lend me their truck, trailer, and muscles to get my big furniture moved out of the condo (I also traded them a couch). Zach was also free, so the five of us made an awesome (and efficient!) team.

James and I met them at the condo in the morning. Disassembling the necessary furniture and loading it into the vehicles only took about 2 hours. Then we drove it out and unpacked it, and were completely done by 1pm.

Aubrey and Kevin tried out the new sofa while we waited for James and Zach to arrive.


Then we celebrated our success with Mexican food (the local joint is awesome and has killer bean dip) and ice cream (another local place that makes it by hand).

Aubrey and Kevin headed back at that point, Zach stayed a bit longer to play some video games before we all headed back into town for X-Men. Really enjoyed the movie! A great retcon for the film franchise, and that Quicksilver scene was worth it alone!

Monday we were just chillin like villains. I went for an awesome run in the morning, we did some organizing around the house, and then headed back into town for a Memorial Day BBQ at Marty’s. Great food, great company! We also bought a new lawn mower.

Today was a sad return to reality with work for James and classes for me. Plus more moving, because there are still a lot of odds and ends at the condo. But I’m confident it will all get done and this new chapter in my life can officially begin!



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