Just Keep Moving

The rest of Tuesday…more packing.

Wednesday after my run, I went in for CPR/First Aid training at work. Exciting stuff. And on my lunch break, I changed my address at the driving bureau, set up postal forwarding, and had a picnic at a local trail.

Thursday was so productive! I got a good start on my online classes in the morning, headed into town for yoga, and got an entire carload packed before meeting Marty for a pedicure. We also ran some errands before I headed back out to the house.

Friday started out with a nice, relaxed morning. And by that I mean I KILLED my 12-mile training run (under 2 hours!) and enjoyed the most perfect weather ever. Then I unpacked at the house before heading back to the condo for more work. James stayed behind to get the house set up for Sunday’s move-in.

Friday night met up with Zach and the gang for mini golf!





Highlights of the evening include golfing song parodies, handicaps for Anna (the birthday girl), Zach’s water rescue, and Mage taking the game way too seriously…which Sara took full advantage of by messing with him. Also, delicious cake.


So then I got up early Saturday morning to meet Regan for a chill 10k. It was just lovely weather, and a nice recovery run for me.


Then once I got back to the condo, much packing ensued. Also, sold my piano to a lovely family. They were real pros about transporting it, too.


And finally, headed back out to the house for a chill evening watching The Way Back with my love!


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