Week of Friends Visiting

First, pic with Lyds from last Sunday!

So Monday I headed back into town in the morning and did some speedwork at the Y. Then I did some packing at condo, had a meeting, and went back out to the house so we could watch Captain Phillips.

Then Tuesday I headed back for yoga after a nice morning walk… Did some more packing and other errands. Cathy and Brian came over to help me sort through some stuff to either consign, yard sale, or donate. Then I took the dog to the park and hit the hay early in prep for my double shift Wednesday.

Work was a little rough this week, but I got some good reactions from people who hadn’t seen me in awhile and a nice walking break with another coworker.

Thursday had a morning run PLUS good workout with Lara, followed by more packing/cleaning before Chelsea’s arrival! We met Lydia for some delicious Mexican food, and explored some local shops. Then Chels and I stayed up til the wee hours walking and talking and whatnot. She had to leave early the next morning.


Friday then continued with a nice run, packing, arrival of James, and meeting up with some of our friends for Godzilla and a late meal at IHOP.

Saturday I managed to get in my requisite 11 miles. Then we enjoyed a lovely walk downtown.





After that, we meandered back to the condo and chilled for a few hours until the time was upon us to go meet STEVE at a lovely restaurant downtown.


His first comment after not seeing me for about 6 months was “There’s gonna be nothing left of you to hug! You’re so skinny…bitch!” I missed him so much! So dinner turned into a whole evening…we closed the place down! By the end it was just the original gang from that fateful night I first met James back in Jan 2013.



Then Sunday we had a nice relaxed morning before meeting Kelly and Cody at an area theme park! We got there early to do all the big rides, had lunch at the smokehouse, and enjoyed picture-perfect weather.




Finally, we rounded off Sunday with a trip to bid Steve farewell (at the dog park, of course) and an evening out at the house watching Game of Thrones.


Monday I worked a double. Nothing much to report. Except that James was awesome enough to wait up for me, even though I got off around midnight and he usually gets up for work before 5am.

Today I had yoga, tried an inversion, grabbed a smoothie for lunch, and will shortly return to packing up the kitchen. Just another day in this hectic moving process!


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