Summer Adventures

This long weekend has been action-packed!

Starting Thursday, I met up with my Little Little for a historic picnic!


We found a nice shady spot.




Then after we feasted, we continued on, “back in time.”



Later that evening, I went to the dog park where I found Zach and Anna, among other friends. Then James and I joined our neighbors for a monopoly rematch.


Then Friday, we headed on a day trip to get Brat’s dental work done. While we waited, we went to a zoo where we got to FEED GIRAFFES!




It was so epic! I have dozens of more pictures, but that’s enough for now. We got back pretty early in the afternoon, so I walked to the grocery store! Then James headed back out to the country and I stayed to pack and get ready for Saturday.

My dear friend Stephanie had a beautiful bridal shower! I carpooled with another dear friend Gabby. After a morning run, I made us pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Then we headed down in our hats and sundresses to celebrate!








It was just delightful! The rest of the evening I spent doing a little shopping (won a VS giftcard at the shower, put it to good use!) and had a nice chat with Carlie.

Then Sunday I made it out from under my covers in time for an 8ish mile run with Bob. We did a new route around a local vineyard. It was lovely and shady, despite the annoying stitch in my side at the very end.

Now more packing, chili dinner with Lyds, and once the car is full, head out to watch Game of Thrones with my love.


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