It’s the end of the Semester and We Know It!

Sunday was just beautiful, so I tried to make the best of the fact that I had lots of studying to do by using my new picnic blanket and bringing the books into the great outdoors!


I got a little sunburn, despite the fact that I reapplied…twice! It was still so worth it. Of course that was after my fastest-ever 10-miler with Bob in the morning. And before my visit to the dog park. Clearly, I was being productive!

Monday was the last BIG test. The best I can say is that I got the grade I NEEDED to get. I followed that with a little business-casual shopping before my final clinical evaluations. And then the day got really interesting.

Despite the testy weather, I ended up biking downtown to the Monday running club 5k. I felt silly because it really was looking like a downpour, but fortunately it cleared up! Had a really nice run and made a new friend!


We stayed after for a drink and quick snack. She actually lives out in “the country” near where I will be moving, so maybe we’ll run together in the future! It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I didn’t let the weather keep me away.

Tuesday morning James was sweet enough to come down early before work because I missed him. Then I had a productive day of studying and yoga, followed by an after-work walk downtown and this week’s Game of Thrones.

Wednesday I got my run in early (a slowish 5 miles) and then did some last-minute studying before the FINAL (worth 10%) at 11:30. And thank goodness I survived with a passing grade, because so many of those questions were out of left field!

Then the real fun! Finally an afternoon to hang out with AmandaChan!


And now…bliss. As it all sinks in… I survived! I can breathe again! I can focus on the infinitely more exciting prospects of moving and spending time with my love.


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