What a week!

I feel like starting with today first. It was epically productive, despite being dreadfully rainy. I went for an hour on the treadmill before class, barely made it on time, and wished Carrie happy birthday. Then on the way down to my health screening for my summer job, I got new keys made for the house, had a delicious lunch (Wild Salmon-wich), bought a swimsuit, and got an EZ-Pass! And then barely beat James home.

Tuesday, the girls and I brought breakfast for the nurses in honor of our last clinical day of the semester.
My contribution was fruit salad, but there were a whole host of delicious baked goods to accompany it. The last day was bittersweet. I learned a lot in this clinical and my confidence in my nursing skills improved immensely. But change is nice, and a short break is even nicer.

Monday I went in for class as usual, followed by clinical and some gym time. But having spent the morning getting stressed out about potential tenants, I made a snap decision to hire a property manager. She was kind enough to meet with me after my long day and get me set up with applications for the tenants I currently have.

Sunday was absolutely lovely! I started off the day with a 7-mile loop combining/connecting some shorter routes that I have run in the past.


Then I ran errands all over town, did productive things around the house, and did some studying before packing up for casa de James. Upon my arrival, he was most pleased to see me. I caught him in the middle of yard work, and eventually we ended up watching the new Game of Thrones. It was quite a beautiful day.

Finally, Saturday! Started out on a positive note waking up next to my love. Then he took the pups for the weekend while I showed the house. After that, I headed on a bike journey to get a birthday present for my awesome neighbor in honor of his laser tag party!


I’m so lucky his mom is cool and has fun parties for him that I am invited to!
Then for the rest of the day I did a little studying, went to the dog park, and called it an early night to inspire a productive Sunday.

And that’s the week in review! One more thing. Apparently it was the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls, so this Wednesday I wore pink!



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