8 Days a Week

This week has been packed with adventure of the productive nature. I started out with James Monday morning, practiced some yoga after he left, and then went in to class. Met Lydia in the afternoon at my place for a birthday celebration of running! A local running club has started in my area on Monday evenings and I thought she would want to check it out with me. Here we are before the start!


We had a great run! Our pace right now is pretty compatible. The original plan was to get dinner right afterward, but she wanted to get ready first after the sweaty run (don’t blame here). So we headed back to my house and then parted ways after hanging out for a bit because I had clinical the next morning and thus couldn’t be out late.

Tuesday was bright and early, got up and made banana bread. Then had my full clinical day followed by 4 miles at the gym. Went back out to ye olde country estate that evening in lots of rain. Wednesday morning I traveled back into town for class and errands. Then the run of doom… 8 miles that turned into 7 because of knee pain. It wasn’t TOO bad, but because I so rarely have any pain, it was noticeable.

So I started the next day of clinical in some amount of pain while shadowing a nurse on the telemetry floor. I got to safely administer all sort of meds and work with different students doing patient care. My student partner gave me some ibuprofen which made my knee feel a little better. In the post-conference we discussed IV starts and central lines with lots of hands-on demos. It was a great day!

That evening James and I kicked back and watched Kill Bill Vol. 1. But unfortunately I still had to get up early Friday for a double shift at work. That went pretty smoothly, aside for the mild injuries and excessive snacks.

My Saturday morning run was slow but pain-free. Then James and I headed north for an epic road trip to get a great deal on a media tower. The trip was highlighted by epic gelato (a quest of my dear James that was definitely fruitful).


Tomorrow we will be joining my friend Emily and her family for an epic Easter dinner. I’m excited!


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