We Can Weekend!

James has been recovering so smoothly from his wisdom teeth removal! A little bit of special food and a few pain meds go a long way. Half the time I even forget he just had the procedure done based on his high level of functioning.

However, Friday morning he took it easy in bed while I went out for a gorgeous 8-mile run. I’m getting used to the warmer temps of Spring gradually. I still like to run only when it’s under 70 degrees. That run was hilly and fairly shady. Then I got some schoolwork done while James fixed things around the house (he does these projects totally on his own volition). We went to an afternoon showing of Captain America, which was awesome. Then we took the dogs for a walk downtown which culminated in a gathering of our dog park friends! They all stayed for dinner, but we had the dogs so we headed home after a quick visit.


That’s John and Kim getting some love from Bonnie while we all waited outside the restaurant.

Then a surprise twist! I thought I was in trouble at work for not picking up enough shifts, but I got called in to work the Friday overnight shift. So I guess that means I am back on good terms with them! Since it was a surprise shift, I took a power nap/cuddle with James before heading in. I also drank 2L of Diet Coke (probably more than I’ve had in a month!), so when I got off Saturday morning, I was barely even tired.

With my surprising surge of energy, I ran to the farmer’s market (5.5 miles total) where I met James with the dogs. We ran into Zach and Anna there, after missing them at dinner the previous night.


We spent the rest of the afternoon getting my place in order and packed to head out to his place. I was maybe a little tired in the afternoon/evening, but didn’t truly crash til about 9:30pm.

Sunday morning kicked off with a 6-mile run down a hilly country road. I had a little altercation with a dog, but luckily no bite. James mowed the lawn, then we spent the rest of the morning on the back porch, reading and studying. That’s where the morning shade is. This afternoon we’ll take the dogs on a walk, and later tonight we’re going to watch the new Game of Thrones.

I actually think I’ll be out here most of the week. Nothing major going on with school except lots of reading. And it’s so much nicer for the dogs out here with a yard.

Update: James just made surprise steak. It smells delicious!


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