Brimming with Good News

Sunday started out on quite a positive note. Ran a glorious 10 miles with Bob, ate a breakfast burrito at a favorite local coffee shop, studied the rest of the morning, then spent the afternoon hanging out with my sisters at the Phi Mu Alumnae group fundraiser.


Then I spent the rest of the evening on last-minute studying for Monday’s cardiac test. It went amazingly well, and I even got out of class in plenty of time to do a little grocery shopping and eat lunch at home before afternoon clinical. James arrived that afternoon with the rest of the mutts, and we celebrated my successful test!

Tuesday was, as always, an early day. Clinical was a really good experience, because I has a friendly and compliant patient who let me do my final graded physical assessment with her. I also received a phone call offering my a summer nursing externship, which I very happily accepted! I was basically on top of the world.

Wednesday morning I went for a successful 5-mile run…at an 8:54 pace! It was gloriously cool weather for short sleeves and victory!


Then class, paper writing, dog park, and a relaxed evening at home.

Thursday I biked over to give Marty’s dog his shot, then had yoga late morning. In between, I finished the bulk of my paper! Then James left work early for some dental work, and I drove him.

So far, I’ve had two promising responses on the rental of my condo. Need to put some serious work into cleaning this place up for showing/moving purposes.


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