Enjoying the Local Atmosphere

So, it’s been a really lovely couple of days. Kicked off Thursday with some studying, then yoga. In the afternoon, met Marty for a pedicure! My poor toes really needed it. Now they are blue 🙂 Then James and I took the mutts for a walk around the neighborhood before hunkering down for some good old fashioned House of Cards. I love the evenings when he doesn’t have to be up early for work the next day.

Friday morning started out relaxed, then I got a pragmatic itch, so I did my 6 mile run to the post office and back!


James was running other errands, but we both got back around the same time and decided to continue taking advantage of the beautiful day with a walk downtown.



Then, we parted ways because he hadn’t been back to check on his place in almost two weeks…and it was time. That’s when I got in another good chunk of studying. And for my reward, I joined a group of dog park friends for dinner and live music!


The singer was awesome! Here she is really getting into one song, about to stand on a table! But it was quite loud, so Zach, Anna, and I ducked out for a bit to talk and wound up at fro-yo. We came back for more music eventually, but ultimately I called it an early night.

Saturday morning dawned just as beautiful as ever! I did morning yoga at home, then got down to studying. But then I had this great idea to bike all around town to run a few errands, and I brought lunch and my notes with me! First the post office, again. Then Target and the bike store. And finally wound up in the town center by the fountain where I studied for a few hours.


And I also said hi to Amanda and Shwartzy because I can’t stop by there without a quick visit.


Finally, I ended the daylight with a trip to the dog park. Janice and George were there, so were Diane and Riley! So good to see them after months. Now, I’ve just finished dinner and am back to the books. Morning run with Bob tomorrow, then more dynamic studying throughout the day!>


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