Beautiful Day!

I just have to take a moment to commemorate this most glorious day! Started out with my love, a relaxed morning watching The Daily Show over breakfast before putting the finishing touches on my presentation for after class. Then I took Rudolph for his first ever run (about 2 miles, untimed). He was confused at first, but picked it up eventually. The only thing…he got tired. So we need to train together, build up slowly.


Then I put my new interview outfit to good use again, made it to school in plenty of time. Class got done early, so my presentation started early, too. It went well! I haven’t evaluated the pre-and post-test responses, but many people verbally told me they learned things.

Afterwards, Linds and I went out to Panera, then to buy me a Crock Pot! She’s such a fun errand companion πŸ™‚ Once I arrived home, I got the recipe going, then headed out for my second epic adventure. I biked 4 miles to Trader Joe’s to return something, then back 2 miles to my fav running trail. Once there, I ran 5 miles (just under 10:00/mile) then biked the rest of the way home.


Then it was a hop skip and a jump to James’s arrival home and a trip to the dog park! Saw many of my favorite people there πŸ™‚



From there, home to try my new Crock Pot recipe, watch House of Cards, and enjoy the rest of the day. I cannot even describe how beautiful the weather was, or how wonderful it felt to have my project under my belt. It was absolutely glorious! Tomorrow, back to business, which also includes a pedicure πŸ™‚



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