Weekly Update

Last Saturday, got up early to run a local 8-miler with my friend Bob. We kept a really solid pace and finished in under 1hr15! It was a really beautiful day and I spent it outside there and also at the dog park in the afternoon. Also hung out with Linds in the evening for Target and fro yo!

Sunday was really productive day with yoga, studying, and laundry. James arrived in the evening for the week.

Monday and Tuesday were busy with clinicals. Got short runs in.

On Wednesday, I tried to get work done, but was less than ideally productive. Did a melt/stretch class with Lara after a 5k at the gym.

Thursday I filed my taxes (exciting!), met Lara again for yoga, and did homework before going to the dog park with James after he got out of work.

Friday morning was absolutely beautiful! After my morning run, we took the dog pack for a walk “downtown.”


Then we had a nice afternoon together getting things done.

Saturday was rainy and lazy. Other than studying, not much productive occurred. Need days like those every now and then.

Sunday, also rainy, but I promised Bob I would run, so I showed up and actually had a great time, other than numb hands. Then productivity ensued, as it tends to when I start the day off on the right foot!


Also, on a tangential note, I had a really important conversation with James that went better than expected.

And…I finally won this game 🙂




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