Nice Surprises

So I had a surprisingly nice Thursday.  I got up and said bye to James as he left for work, but went right back to sleep for a few hours in preparation for my evening-night double at work.  Before that, I met Lara for yoga, and we had a really challenging but excellent session.  I told her I wanted to focus on my arms, so we did some extra modifications to certain poses.  It was a new and exciting change of pace.

Then I said bye to the pups, but not for too long as James got off work just a few hours after my shift started.  My evening shift was hectic, lots of drama with the patients as per usual, but my night shift was one of the best I’ve ever had.  Not only was it calm, but I had some great conversations with my coworkers and didn’t even feel too sleepy on my drive home.  I swear, I don’t want to do it often, but I rarely regret it when I do. 

So I came home to the nicest surprise on Friday – James had stayed overnight to see me off the next morning.  I was grinning ear to ear.  He had even cleaned, changed out my lightbulbs, and fixed my dryer door.  Not that I’m keeping track, but he earned some MAJOR boyfriend points that morning.  After a visit with him, I did end up crashing into my post-night-shift coma.  But I had to get up earlier than usual due to an interview I had for a summer internship.  So I made it out of bed in time to go for a short run (the better to seem awake), and was able to leave with plenty of time to get to the interview.  I was actually a little extra ambitious and got there about a half an hour early, so I took a moment and grabbed a Diet Coke (the better to actually be mentally awake) from Sonic.

The interview went well, I think!  I hope I made a lasting and favorable impression, because this position would open so many doors for me.  Two of my classmates also applied, so I’m hoping we are all selected!  Afterwards, I connected with a new colleague, and RN who I was lucky enough to meet down at the race last weekend.  She gave me some excellent advice and pointers for my upcoming teaching project while we enjoyed a delicious Mexican feast (the fresh guacamole is to-die-for).  We were having such a great conversation that I hardly noticed when two hours had passed by!  I rounded out that evening with a stop by the Girl Scout cookie table…finally buying my first cookies right at the end of the season.

Saturday morning, I voluntarily got up bright and early to register for a local 8-mile race!  My new friend Bob has been encouraging me to run more with this organization, and this seemed like an ideal chance.  He is my running idol, because in his late 60s, I follow him and he pushes my pace!  Today’s run felt awesome, and I again exceeded my time goal (but still waiting for official results to post).

Then I came home and had a moderately productive afternoon of homework and laundry.  And the gorgeous weather persisted, so I took the dogs to the park and caught up with several friends I have been missing.  Finally, I rounded out the evening with a trip to Target and fro-yo with my dear Linds.  I don’t get to hang out with her nearly enough, and it was a nice way to be social but also chill on a Saturday evening.


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