Shift to the Future

My life this week has been all about future-thinking. Took my third med-surg test Monday, got my best grade yet this semester (with plenty of room for improvement still), and made the official decision to start the process of moving in with James. Our goal is to get my place advertised by the end of this month, hopefully get a tenant lined up by April or May, and set a move-in date for July or August. Maybe June, if we are being really efficient. Lots to do between now and then, much of which will be put on hold as I finish my semester, but the decision has been finalized. Insert deep breath here.

Also, I got a call back to schedule an interview for a summer nursing externship! I go down on Friday afternoon, and I’ll need to have my game face on as I work a double evening-night today. But I should a solid 5-6 hours to sleep. And I got a new interview outfit that I feel confident wearing. I went shopping with my Nursing School Little Sister after our lunch. The guy at tropical smoothie noticed my weight loss and complimented me. And in the dressing room, the smaller size of pants fit me. Shopping is so much more fun now!

James and I finished Orange is the New Black this week. I have a solid rough draft of my paper 4 days in advance of its due date. My house is a disaster, but maybe I’ll get to it this weekend? And I’m hopefully registering for an 8-mile race on Saturday morning. It’s my reward to myself for accomplishing so much this week.

Oh also, Rudolph is fitting in quite well! He has to wear the cone of shame because he pulled out the stitches in his du-claws, but other than that, he’s an easy and wonderful addition!


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