New Puppy, Plus a PR

I’ll just start by saying that a dose of doubt is healthy, but when it’s right…it’s right. We drove down Friday to look at little Rudolph, and after careful consideration and a mutual conclusion, we adopted him.


Already, he fits right in. Low-key personality, no messes, very friendly. Here he is on his first morning with us.


He even likes car rides! He’s so stinkin’ cute.


Saturday after a relaxing morning out at James’s, we loaded up the car and headed to my place, where I promptly turned around and left for my half-marathon weekend plans.

Regan and I made it down to the expo just in time, got our SWAG and a few extras. While waiting for dinner at OG, we had a facetime with Little. And then dinner was wonderful (because, carb-loading). Then we headed back to the hotel and hung out with the rest of our group.

Here we all are, race morning.


I switched into a higher corral to try for the 2:15 pace group. And that’s where I met Kelly! We literally chatted our way through the entire race. I encouraged her at the beginning (it was her first half), and she pushed me at the end. We ran ahead of the pace group for the last couple of miles for a solid PR of 2:13:45.

Here we are, euphoric in our victory!


And I’m going to throw it out there now, I want another big PR at my October Half…under 2 hours. I also have a Half in June, but that one is supposed to be quite hilly and hot, and it doesn’t give me enough time to make the necessary changes. So this one will be just for fun, not for time, which will also be a first for me.

After watching the marathon leader cross the finish line, we all met up for post-race stew (and beer, if that’s your preference). Then we headed back, just a little bit heavier with our giant medals!


That afternoon, James and I celebrated with a seafood feast. Then I commenced studying. Test today. Trying not to get distracted. It’s clearly working. But they’re so cute.


And so is he 🙂



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