Fun Part One

So Monday kicked off with a fabulous 8-mile run. I was quite amused by the hot air balloons (which are apparently a common sight around here) and my desert shadow.



Then we went for some more shopping to get a few more basic shorts and tops. Having accomplished that feat, we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling/watching Game of Thrones.

In the evening, we ventured across town to dine at this truly delicious local/organic/casual-gourmet restaurant. While we were waiting, cute pictures!




Tuesday we got an early start and headed out to Sedona! It was just ridiculously beautiful…. I can’t even…


We explored the town and had a delicious lunch of bison, rattlesnake, and cactus. Then we headed out for a hike. I took way too many pictures there, so I’ll restrain myself and just post a few.





At the end of the first part, I tried to be brave and hike the scary summit hike. I made it up about 5 mins and decided that was plenty. But I did get a couple great shots.



Then we headed back and had a nice evening of stuffed peppers (she loved my “recipe”), a trip to the hot tub (apparently everywhere in Phoenix has them), and some good heart to hearts.

Wednesday, I got up and ran 7 miles into the hills… My hottest run so far, but still pretty comfortable. Then we had brunch at Paradise Bakery, which is a fancier Panera where they give you a free cookie for ordering a sandwich!

From there, we meandered over to Peoria for a Spring Training game (Cleveland @ Seattle). We were super smart, got there early to park and get tickets, then walked around and did some shopping. I almost bought these boots.


The game was pretty good! Tied 5-5 going into the 7th, and then Cleveland finished strong, scoring 3 runs at the top of the 9th. The weather was beautiful, and we got seats in the shade with a GREAT view of home plate.



Tonight Rooms is making me her famous turkey meatballs. I’m gonna go see if I can help!


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