En route to the break of “spring”

This week has been all about getting my butt in gear to travel to warmer climates to visit my college roommate! I needed to accomplish many things, including homework, house-cleaning, and catch up on quality time with James. And now I am finally here!

Amidst the regular work, I dealt with people fixing the ceiling, watched all but the last 2 episodes in the final Breaking Bad season, and of course accomplished some quality running.

Specifically, on Friday, I ran 11 miles in 1hr51mins, which is definitely a PR for me at that distance. Then I ate my weight in Brazilian food with James and Zach. Finally, we went to the dog park and I attempted to pack (in between Walter White’s deteriorating situation).

By Saturday, I mostly had my stuff together. I did yoga in the morning while James gathered up his stuff and our animals. Then we ate and headed out to the airport. Saying goodbye was really tough, because this is the longest we will have been apart since Christmas.

On the journey, I did many things like call Jess and Little, get my favorite Freshens smoothie, and read over my hematology notes. By the time I arrived, I was somewhat tired and ravenously hungry. We got dressed and ready to go out to a bar, but absolutely needed to stop at In-n-Out first! So delicious. By the time we made it to the bar, it was LATE by my time-zone standards. But there were some amusing quirky things like a Wheel of Shots (no idea what I drank, but it was only $2). And the group of people was quality. This was our “getting ready” shot.


Sunday, we arose at a somewhat respectable hour, and subsequently headed out for a run. It was surprisingly cool, which I enjoyed on my 6.2-mile under-one-hour victory run!



Then, we got ready for a FAB Sunday brunch, followed by way too much shopping. My meal included a breakfast burrito and a peanut butter cup pancake that we split.




Tonight we have been watching The Oscars. Tomorrow, more adventures!


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