The Tale of Five Outfits

I started my day in sweats for comfort during last-minute test studying. Today’s test started off on a bad note when I realized I had forgotten to do a “due before the test” assignment on the drive in to school. But upon arrival, I did manage to rush and get it done with mere moments to spare.

On the plus side, the weather was nice enough for me to wear my new dress with leggings. And I got some compliments. That was outfit number two. After the test, I got some groceries and headed home for lunch.

Then I changed into outfit the third when I went to the hospital for my ED clinical. Saw a few interesting patients and procedures, but it was generally a slow day. Did get a compliment from an ambulance driver that my patient was lucky because I was a “pretty nurse.”

After clinical, I headed over to the Y for an interval run that turned into 5 miles (in 45:45). Hence, outfit number four. It was an absolutely wonderful run! I wore the shirt Regan gave me which reads “this isn’t sweat, it’s liquid awesome.”

Then I came home, walked the dogs, took a shower (outfit five), did some homework, and waited to have dinner with my love. We are finally on the final half-season of Breaking Bad!

Yesterday was also good. Studying, yoga, dog park, and time with James. Tomorrow is clinical at the ED again.


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