Taking the good with the bad

This week has been great for the most part, but occasionally marred by bad news. Monday and Tuesday I was busy with school, and had a great clinical experience. Wednesday the weather was pretty much perfect, but I had school, errands, and yoga…not to mention test stress. It really bummed me out to miss the dog park, and that James left for home that evening. We had spent almost every night this month together, and the past few days have been our first separation since January. It’s not like I’m falling apart without him, but I do miss him.

I’m also grumpy that my house is still not fixed after the leak was repaired. And that my house is always so messy in general. Can’t I hire a staff of cleaning specialists?

Thursday I had a double shift at work that went pretty smoothly, but left me exhausted when I finally got home around midnight. Also, that environment is bad for my waistline…I always want to eat everything in sight. And of course I did not have time for a workout. Friday I got back on track with a 7-mile run, some house cleaning, and several hours of quality studying. Then my houseguests arrived for the weekend; Kevin and two of his friends from pharmacy school going to a conference and crashing with me. They took me out to dinner at Baker’s Crust and then we walked over to Menchie’s, which is officially the most adorable fro-yo place I’ve visited.

Today I had a fabulous 10 mile run to downtown and back. Just 3 weeks before my next half-marathon! And February is already my highest-mileage month with almost a whole week left. Now I’ll get down to studying before meeting Regan for a bridal appointment, then Lydia for our annual chili cook-off!


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