Be My Valentine

So the surprises began on February 13 when he came home with my favorite kind of flowers, which was the most adorable thing ever.


Then we went to see The Lego Movie, which was totally random, but we enjoyed it because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

We had a low-key Friday, consisting mostly of cleaning up his new dining room furniture (thanks again, Zach!), cuddling, and just generally being cute. He got me this necklace, and I got him shoes (a la Forrest Gump and Jenny).



Saturday we faced bad, yucky weather, so I was the Pout-Pout fish and he cheered me up by playing things like EVERYTHING IS AWESOME and being his amazing self.


Our hijinks included watching Community, Rome, and playing some Tomb Raider…among other things.

Then on Sunday, we got up bright and early for my 14k (aka 9 mile) race! It was just absolutely perfect weather, we timed our arrival perfectly, and he and the puppies delivered lots of support and kisses from the side-lines.




This is after finishing (just under 1hr30!) and getting my SWAG…medal, flower, windbreaker, and food (my favorite was the tomato and cheese soup in a bread bowl).


I love James, and it meant so much to me that he was there to share the experience with me.

Then we had a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon, with a bit of studying, a bit of not studying, and general enjoyment of the beautiful day.


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