Just Keep Running

Sunday I tried something brand new – joining an established local running group. I think often it is comprised of a diverse group of people, but this week I was the only girl and one of only two people not in the “greyhound” category. Luckily, I was able to find a running buddy in Bob. Our run was great, and I was able to push myself faster than ever for a 9-mile distance. It was both humbling and inspiring because Bob is in his late 60s; on the one hand he outpaced me, on the other hand, he is still running at his age!

Later that day, James and I went over to Norman and Rebecca’s to watch the Superbowl. It was a pretty one-sided game, but we still had a good time! Lots of good food and laughs and catching up.

Monday was stress-central with class, pre-clinical hours, and test studying. I did make time for a quick treadmill run as a way to destress. Tuesday was much the same, busy, but made time for a run (with the dogs this time, which was marginally successful).

Wednesday was much better after the test was over! I met up with my nursing school “little sister” Erica for lunch. Then I had a quick doc apt about my two episodes of vision loss last month. Still looking into the cause and scheduling tests. Later that afternoon, I ran some errands, took the dogs for a walk, and then went to yoga with Lara.

As I write, I am waiting to get my blood drawn. I think I was supposed to fast after midnight, so I did and I’m starving! On the schedule for today is lots of reading, a 9.5 mile run, and packing for the weekend visit to Carlie’s. James is meeting me at the dog park after work, and then we’ll go to his place and leave from there tomorrow AM.


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