Lack of Routine

It really throws me off when my life schedule gets mixed up. I mean, I’m sure it does for everyone…but I am generally so busy that the smallest change requires massive rescheduling. I was able to kick back this week though. I got a lot of studying done while James played Skyrim, but I took plenty of study breaks to hang out with him along the way. On Thursday we actually ventured out to get some of our favorite salsa from a local place. I also finally got out for a 6-mile run that day, which was challenging due to the snow, but felt wonderful. Because it was sunny, dry, and calm, it actually minimized the cold and I even had to take off some layers.

By Friday morning I had to go back to reality and leave my love behind for a few days. It was a very nice day that started with yoga and concluded with a run. In between I went to lunch and got a pedicure with Marty.

Saturday I took things pretty easy. Cleaned, studied, went to the park with Janet and Nic. It’s been a beautiful weather weekend, albeit muddy from all the snow that has still only partially melted.


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