Archive | January 29, 2014

The Things We Do For Love

Sunday was another beautiful day out here with James. We took the dogs for a walk. I spent some time studying while he played his game. And then we got an early night because Monday dawns a bright new work/school week.

I tried carpooling for the first time with a classmate who lives out here. The company/gas saving was nice, but the timing was unfortunate. I spent an additional 2 hours traveling that I would have avoided by driving myself… I don’t see doing it again often. It was also just a stressful day in general. When I got back here, the best thing I could do for myself was yoga, which I was just finishing when James got home. His comment, “You look so damn beautiful down there” more than made up from the distracting noises he made once got here.

The threat of snow forced us into a plan B where I left his place with all my stuff and the dogs on Tuesday morning at 5am to make it to clinical by 6:30. He was supposed to then show up at my place that afternoon, but problems with his house caused him to cancel the plan. Feeling sad at the thought of being snowed in without him, I did something totally crazy. After clinical, I packed up all my stuff again, loaded the dogs (with some difficulty), and drove in the snow out to see him. It was one of the most nerve-wracking drives of my life, and I know it was crazy, but it was worth it.

We watched part of the SOTU but I was falling asleep, so we finished it this morning. James has the best commentary during political speeches.

Now I am happily snowed in under about 4 inches for…at least today and part of tomorrow. There’s nowhere I’d rather be.