Cold, but Productive!

Starting with today, which I am kicking in the ass! Had a lovely 8 mile run this morning. I say lovely in that I accomplished it, but actually it was quite cold and windy, and going into mile 7, I couldn’t determine whether my quads were frozen or just sore! This is the only time I have wished for a second layer on bottom while wearing my fleece-lined pants.


But afterwards I drank a ton of chocolate milk, foam rolled, called James back, made my stuffed peppers for lunch, did lots of homework, and packed for the next 4 days out visiting James.

Friday was also pretty good. Spent the morning chilling with my love, then I had a really long eye doc appointment. I got lunch at Sticks then paid a visit to the Y for a 4-miler on treadmill. Following that, I made some calls to various insurances and did some reading. Then, I picked Zach up for a dog park gathering to go hear live music as a local sports bar. It was an acoustic duo and they were great!



Thursday was the first day I felt semi-normal. James had to go back into work. I cleaned the house a bit and was moderately productive. I even left the house for the first time in 2 days to talk the dogs on a snowy walk.


That evening, we joined Janet, Jess, and Nic after dinner for a very intense game of monopoly! It was fun, but had to end in a draw.



And that pretty much sums up my week! House is fixed but not put back together. My health has bounced back, hopefully for good. I am woefully behind in my reading, but what else is new!?

Edit: Spent the evening with James after a beautiful drive out to his place. Among other things, we watched Elysium and Cinderella Man, the former my suggestion, the latter his. I was very impressed by his ability to discern how much I would like CM, especially given how doubtful I was initially. But more than anything, I am overwhelmed by how blissfully happy and content I am right now. He makes me feel so loved, and I love him right back.


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