And Miles to go before I Recover

This has been the craziest week.

So, the Bridal Show with Regan was delightful! We saw all kinds of beautiful photographers and tried lots of free bakery/catering samples. I was feeling mostly fine then and ended up spending the evening hanging out across the street.

Monday was a holiday and also came with beautiful weather. I went for a short run in the morning. Then some people came to start repairing my leaky house. I made it just in time to the dog park, and James arrived in the evening.

Tuesday dawned early as James headed off to work and I left for clinical. I felt a little “off” all day, but I made it through. However, on the walk out of the building, I had to sit down on the floor and I threw up. Yuck. It happened again that evening. I felt so weak and awful.

Wednesday I could barely stand up/move. I had another of my blackout sessions, this time for about 20-30 sec (vs 10-15 the first time). No idea what that’s about. But I felt progressively better throughout the day and was able to keep all my food down despite feeling vaguely nauseous most of the day. James was great, helping me get things, running errands that included Tropical Smoothie, and generally being supportive. I was lucky to have him here when I felt so sickly and pathetic.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling mostly human! And eating pretty much normal food! This whole event has resulted in my dropping 5 pounds (bringing January’s total to 10 so far…yikes). The biggest downside is that I was supposed to be going out of town to visit Chelsea, and I am just not up to it. But the silver lining is that I have no other weekend plans as a result, so I can take it easy.

The house is about as torn apart as it will get, but the shattered pipe will be fixed today and the final repair work will commence shortly thereafter. This time, the pipes will not only be insulated, but they will be on the warm side of the batting insulation, so they should not freeze again. Thank goodness for insurance.


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