Black and White

Thursday and Friday of this week could not have been more different. Thursday I felt like absolute garbage, spent all day watching an ANTM rerun marathon, and hated life. I mean, I was just mentally in a bad place. I really debated calling out of work for Friday. But I pulled myself together, talked to James, Carlie, and Janet, ordered Chinese food, and got my head back on straight.

Friday morning dawned early for my double shift. I felt physically much better than Thursday, so I knew I could do it. I ended up having a really great day. Had great co-workers on shift, the patients did well, and I got to catch up with Cathy on my break. I felt really good about the day, and got a good night’s rest leading up to Saturday.

Saturday I felt fine so I set out for my planned 5 miles for the Meg’s Miles tribute project. It was an unexpectedly chilly run, and I even saw snow flurries throughout. It was a bit of a slow run, but I am still recovering from such a rocky week.

Then James came over late morning and we spent the day together, including a visit to the dog park and some progress on our journey through Breaking Bad.

Tomorrow I am going to a Bridal Show with my wonderful friend Regan and then back out to spend the evening with James. I’m loving this long weekend so far!


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