I am a (crazy) runner!

So today I did my first truly crazy running thing. But first, let me talk about my first two days of school.

Monday went pretty smoothly. I started the week out with a 4-mile run. Had a nice relaxed morning surrounding that. Our new nursing classroom instructor is funny but also full of great practical advice. We changed rooms but all sat in the same seats – go figure. We also have 4 new students this semester to fill out our class.

My clinical group met after class for our first pre-clinical and I really like them as well as our instructor. She is kind of my inspiration for life, and I want to be her when I grow up except she’s my age.

I celebrated my first night of no HW by hanging out with my neighbors. We played poker and then a few rousing rounds of President. It was fun! And then I watched The Bachelor because apparently I am still not able to tear myself away from that guilty pleasure.

And then I got a call from James informing me that I might get sick with whatever laid him out. But all I had when I woke up was a sore throat, so I went into clinical as usual. But I only made it a couple hours before I had a bizarre incident that sent me home. Standing in a patient room listening to instruction on the new IV pumps, my vision completely blacked out, my hearing began to fade, and I almost fell down. Sue and Elise helped me to a chair where I recovered my vision and broke out in sweats. I got a ride home and slept most of the rest of the day. And my neighbors rescued my car for me that evening.

But when I woke up THIS morning, I felt almost completely fine. And I had a 7-mile long run on my schedule. And earlier in the week it was my plan to get up super early and run before class. So…I took a risk and did it. Left the house just after 6:30am in the misty pre-dawn. My primary goal was an easy 5, with the promise to myself to turn back the moment I felt “off” at all. But the 5 went smoothly and as I circled back past my neighborhood, I decided to do the full 7 as originally scheduled. It was the longest I had taken Bonnie, and she did great. My only regret was feeding her too soon after we got home. I will probably cap her at 6 miles (or about 1 hour) and this was 7 miles in 1hr19min.


I am actually glad I ran today, despite the risk. I proved something to myself. I balanced the crazy with a little bit of sense and a lot of listening to my body. And by the end of the run, I felt invincible! It was a rush to foam roll, shower, and get out the door, but somehow I managed. And I got to enjoy the rest of my day with the week’s long run under my belt and a huge sense of accomplishment.

After class and lunch with Carrie, I drove to pick up my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS (’14 model to replace the ’13s I got last April). Later I ended up at the dog park because the foggy morning burned off into a beautiful day. Now I am working intermittently on homework.


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