Archive | January 8, 2014


This is really random, but a friend of mine from the dog park today told me, as we were walking out, that I looked really pretty with a flush on my cheeks. That compliment kind of made my day. So I took a selfie to see what he was seeing.


Also, I’ve got my 2014 race schedule all planned out through the beginning of 2015. Because let’s face it, a January marathon is basically won or lost in the previous year.

I’m really excited because all of my 6 major races line up very well, and the good spacing was a happy accident.

I’m starting next week to train for a 14k in February, which fits right in with training for my half in March. I’ll have a couple weeks off before I start training again for my half in June. Then I will take the summer “off” (maybe just a few small events, 10k or shorter) and just do my typical maintenance running. As summer comes to a close, training for my October half will begin. And it falls conveniently in line with my marathon training, which will really start to beef up in November. And whilst I in the teens for my marathon training long runs, it won’t be any old thing to throw in a 10k and a 10-miler while I’m at it. Right?

I’ve started a Google doc where I will be keeping track of my “Run 1000 miles in 2014” goal, and just adding up the long runs I’ve planned (the longest run of each week this year), I’m already over 500 miles. I bet I hit my mark sometime in the fall, well before the year ends, which may mean it was not ambitious enough. But I can always add to it when the time comes.

It’s very exciting and only a little tiny bit overwhelming. The good thing is that I have many months of being meticulous already under my belt, so I feel prepared to undertake this. Also, I love planning and this year, when I am still in school, is perfect for that. After this year, my lifestyle (and even my location) is a big question mark. So I am thrilled to be seizing the year and fitting in as much awesome running and goal setting as I am!

In other news, yesterday was fun. Saw Lyds, did yoga, got sports massage, played Wii with neighbors. Today was also fun. Gym with Carrie, bought $7 pants at Ross (originally $79), went to the dog park, visited with Marty. My Christmas decorations are still up.