Working Weekend

So I tried a little experiment wherein I left for work extra early so that I could spend a little time with James and end up back here the morning after my evening-night double. It worked pretty well, all things considered. I had a pretty full morning, even though I woke up a few minutes before my alarm.

At the Y, I did speedwork on the treadmill, pumping up from my now-comfortable 6.0 mph gradually to 7.0 mph, which I could only hold for a quarter of a mile before crying uncle. It’s the difference between a 10:00 mile and an 8:30 mile, and it is quite substantial. By the end of the year, I want to be able to run a 9:00 mile 10k (so I guess the best chance to test that will be October). Anyway, it was a tough 4 mile run that earned me my fastest overall pace yet of 9:36. And with that, I also achieved the adorable 14.20 miles I needed to kick off 2014!

So then I did lots of other productive things, called Little on the drive out to James, and ultimately ended up at work on time. It was a once-in-a-blue-moon day, because I actually got to work on shift with Cathy! We had a great night with minimal drama and no codes. Night shift was equally anticlimactic, and I had a great time working with Ray and Syl.

I was actually feeling less tired than usual, so I tried not calling anyone on my drive home. James actually called me part way through because when he woke up, he was expecting me to call him and I hadn’t. He was so sweet when I arrived, tucking me in and shutting all the windows to block out the daylight. I actually awoke before noon (the plan) without an alarm. It seems I got in at least one solid sleep cycle because I felt very well-rested.

We spent the day together, taking the dogs for a nice long walk in the beautiful weather and then watching some HBO. We finally got me caught up on Game of Thrones, which had quite the shocking conclusion. And after all that drama, we decided Community is gonna be our next TV endeavor so James can have one of my shows. He really liked the pilot, so I got the next two seasons (I already had the 3rd) on DVD.

Today I have quite a full schedule ahead of me! I want to go for a run, but it is dark and rainy out, and I have neither the appropriate clothing nor the time to wait until it gets light before I have to leave for my eye doc. So, I am about to do some yoga, and I will run if I end up with extra time this afternoon. I also have several errands to run in town, plus lunch plans with Molly. Then I’ll end up back here tonight and stay til tomorrow. I’m feeling quite at peace with the world right now, and I cherish that feeling.


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