Kicking off 2014

It’s been a fabulous year so far!

It all started on NYE at the party James and I attended. It was a fun, casual event with many of our dog park friends where we ate delicious food, played silly games, and rung in the new year with a toast and a kiss.



Groggy from our 5am wake-up, we dragged ourselves home and had a wonderful January 1st that began sans alarms. I went out for a fantastic 4-mile run and achieved a 9:45/mi PR! I think that’s got to be a New Year’s tradition where my first run of the year corresponds with the last digit of that year, probably going up to 10/11/12 miles for 0’s, 1’s and 2’s years.

During the day we took the dogs for a walk downtown and met a group of friends at a showing of American Hustle. In the evening we made dinner and hung out with Lydia who had arrived to be my houseguest for the rest of the week.

On the 2nd, James headed home when Lydia and I headed to yoga. Then we amused ourselves the rest of the day with games and movies. I went over to Marty’s to give BJ his allergy shot while she met an old mentor for coffee. And of course, because it’s us, we stayed up late into the night chatting about anything and everything.

Friday the 3rd was also a solid day. Lydia and I began at a local diner where my friend Aubrey works. My breakfast was one of the most delicious (and inexpensive) that I’ve ever had! And I canceled out the calories with a 6.2 mile run later that day.


After bidding Lydia a fond farewell, I went for that very chilly run and got ready just in time for Rebecca to come over and watch the recorded Doctor Who Christmas Special. So sad to see Eleven depart, and even sadder to realize we have at least 8-10 months before new episodes are released.

Following that, a brief hiatus in my day to clean and start dinner. Emily arrived around 6 for stuffed peppers and quality catching up. Good food and friends are never in short supply in my life, and for that I am grateful.

Tomorrow I will sleep in, run 4 miles (for a total of 14.20 to kick off 2014!), and drop the pup off with James before heading in to my evening-night double. Then I’ll be out there through Tuesday which will mark our 6-month anniversary.

2014: fun, work, running, friends, and food. Sounds about right so far!

Also, finally hung this beautiful display, given to me by my godmother! I’ll add 5-10 medals to it this year.



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