It is Resolved

2014 is going to be phenomenal! If 2013 is any predictor, there is so much ahead that I couldn’t possibly predict. Does that make me a determinist? I don’t know what will happen, but I do know I have the power to shape some parts. I resolve to accomplish the following things.

1. Run a 5-race series, including two half-marathons. I will probably run about 10 races total this year.
2. Lose 20 more pounds by April. Secondary goal would be to lose 10 more than that by the end of the year.
3. Register and train for the Walt Disney World Marathon in Jan 2015.
4. Run 1,000 miles in 2014.
5. Get my 5-mile pace down to 9:00/mile and my half-marathon pace to 10:00/mile.
6. Complete all of my nursing school courses with B’s or better.
7. Clean out all of my closets. Perhaps one a month until I’m done? And then… the office!
8. Organize what remains so that all things have a place for reasonable access.
9. Repaint and recarpet the upstairs.
10. Dress up, celebrate, and take adorable pictures at every major holiday.

I’m not sure if that list is too ambitious or perhaps too superficial. I was going for measurable goals…things I could revisit a year from now and know I had accomplished.


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