Christmas Travels: Part 2

It’s been a wild adventure since I arrived at my northern holiday destination. I ended up leaving my grandmother’s place after dinner on Friday. I did not get in til after 11pm. I was greeted by snow, a beautiful tree, and good friends.

Started the next day out with a beautiful 4-mile run through town. Then we went to a nearby science museum where we passed many amusing hours with 4-year-old Henry and almost-2-year-old Ben.

After arriving home, David made us a delicious caprese pasta dish. So good. It was funny because I mentioned it and he had also been thinking about it all day too! Along the way, we also made up our own new words to the 12 Days of Christmas. So amusing*.

We rounded off Saturday with some cleaning, a walk to the store, and a viewing of 4 Christmases.

Sunday I did some yoga because it was rainy outside. Then we headed on another adventure to IKEA and then the train station to get the kids’ grandma. On the way home we stopped at the “good” grocery store and then used those ingredients to create our Hanukkah celebration dinner. I love that we celebrate both holidays here, despite the mismatched timing this year.

Monday morning it was pouring, so I drove to the Y to run indoors. I only did 5 miles because I was bored and my headphones weren’t working (so, no music). We had a chill morning, and right after lunch we took 4-year-old Henry to his first movie…Frozen! He had lots of fun and was so well-behaved.

Shortly after we arrived home, the kids other grandmother (Nonna) arrived. We ate a dinner smorgasbord of leftovers and also the clam chowder David and I made.

After dinner, I helped Carlie wrap some gifts and we ended up having to take a last-minute trip to Kohl’s to exchange some things that were all wrong with some better gift options.

Tuesday was cool and crisp and beautiful so I went for an 8-mile run around town! It went pretty well, just a bit slower than my recent long-distance runs. Then I got treated to a delicious breakfast of cocoa and sticky buns. Mmmmm.

The rest of the day passed in a flurry of cooking, cleaning, and water squirting. David made his chocolate cookies and we each were allowed to have one, warm from the oven. For dinner we got a pizza and in the process of the dining experience, Grandma squirted liquid out her nose and Carlie and David each threw water at one another. I made my famous french toast (recipe adopted from a friend of mine) and David made his strata. Eleven gourmet dishes total.

Christmas morning dawned with some sleepy adults and impatient children. But all presents were eventually opened and appreciated! Brunch was uber delicious. Rest and relaxation followed, watching Christmas programs and kids playing with toys. Then other friends (Ryan, Kathy, and Charlotte) joined us for dinner. It was absolutely amazing from the brisket to the steamed spinach. We also enjoyed a rousing dinner conversation that ranged from affirmative action to contraception and everything in between. In the evening we watched The Last Holiday.

The day after Christmas gave me an amazing gift… A powder of fresh snow! I had never gone for a snowy run before so I bundled up and bolted out the door while there were a few flakes still falling. My 3-mile plan turned into 4 miles because it was too beautiful to head back indoors right away.


The rest of the morning we spent hanging out, cleaning up, and coming to terms with the reality of our impending separation. I hit the road around 1pm and made it to James’s place around 5:30. I had minimal traffic because I took more back roads, but it did take a bit longer. And that concludes my travels. I head home later today to greet my houseguest, so the festivities continue.

*On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
A boogie in a pear tree
2 happy boys
3 barking dogs
4 dozen cookies
5 hours of sleep!
6 loops of garland
7 people stockings
8 nights of hanukkah
9 comfy chairs
10 full bellies
11 gourmet dishes
12 dozen presents


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