Christmas Travels: Part 1

This whole week so far has been a ramp up to the first leg of my holiday travels.

Monday started out with frustration, but ended in success. I was supposed to have something installed in my home, and the guys came and got all set up before realizing they ordered the wrong size. I was also on the phone all morning with the furniture store trying to figure out what time my new bed frame and mattress would be delivered. In the mean time, I had lunch and exchanged gifts with Cathy and Brian. That was fun. But I forgot my wallet and thus had to limit the other errands I could accomplish. I had to use my emergency car cash to get a haircut. Tragic.

Finally I got an answer on the bed…between 4-5pm. So I rushed home . They didn’t arrive til 6:01. And the broke the ear off my Gaudi giraffe (you know, the one I got in Barcelona, not exactly replaceable). But, the bed frame is great and fits well in the room.

Tuesday was much more productive. Went for a run (did Monday also, but that didn’t save my day). Baked my Christmas sugar ‘n’ spice cookies that I included in all the packages I mailed, got those all packed and dropped off at the VERY efficient post office. I dropped off clothes at Goodwill and books at the public library. I had yoga and delivered Lara’s present. And I even ran my little errands at Target and the grocery store.

And then the day really kicked off! Met my neighbors for Frozen (SO GOOD), pizza, and fro-yo. A whole evening of laughter and delicious food! James was transporting my twin bed after work, so I went out and did all that and still beat him home. It was our last night together before holiday travels, so I was extra attached.

Wednesday morning James helped me pack two chairs into my car before heading off to work. Then I went for a run which felt good but made me late leaving. I still made it to my destination in time for lunch though. It continued as a fun day of games, Christmas traditions, and having a great time with Lynne and Norma.

Thursday morning Lynne did my recorded yoga class with me, which was a really fun experience to share. Then I took her to the airport, ran a few errands, and headed back for lunch. We spent the afternoon relaxing, went to dinner down at the cafe, and watched Crossfire (Duck Dynasty controversy) in the evening.

In general when I travel, I find I have a lot of time to be alone with my thoughts. I am wondering things like… Am I happy with the way I look and feel? Am I moving in a positive life direction…if not in all areas, in some? What do I want to do differently to change my future…or do I want to keep things status quo?

All I know is that I am at my best when I am surrounded by people I love. No matter what else, taking care of those relationships is of the utmost importance to me.


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